Monday, May 20, 2013

My Thai Airways experience

Hello all, in this blog entry I shall express what my experience was boarding Thai Airways. I have always been in LOVE with Emirates Airlines and always been so skeptical when it comes to other airlines *sorry*. So, when my dad says that we are boarding Thai Airways, I instantly search for everything that I could from Thai Airways. Yes, I love doing research before I do something. I also did some research on Chiang Mai as well. Haha. Well, I cannot go without being prepared. I thank DiGi and it’s data roaming that could make me still connected to the net while not in Malaysia.

Going back to the Thai Airways topic. I watch every videos that they have on YouTube, or at least a video about them on YouTube. How the plane looks like, how’s the cabin crew looks like, what do they serve and all of that stuff. Yes. Up to that level. As usual when boarded onto the airline, they will greet you with Sawadeekrap and they will only speak Thai, which can be quite unease for me as they do have a lot of other nationalities boarded the airlines as well. I can just compare to Malaysian Airlines or even Air Asia. They will only speak in English and if the person is Malay, they will still try to converse in English. So that’s one thing that I notice. They were proud of their mother tongue language. The best part is their safety announcements were both in Thai and English. I always encounter Malaysia Airlines (MAS) safety announcements and most of them were in Malay; so this is kinda weird for me.

They call their service a ‘Royal Orchid Service’ which I am not quite sure what type of royal service to they provide. I mean, their cabin crews (woman mainly) did not smile to the passengers, did not even have a tiny bit of makeup on and just speaks in Thai all-the-time. Maybe a royal service to the Thais? But not all of them were not good. My experience from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, we boarded 737-400 airplane (which looks exactly like MAS 737-400) the cabin crew were simply good. They smile, they talk very very polite. This is the Royal Orchid Service that I am looking for.

The other thing that you have to consider while purchasing the ticket is the on board foods. If you are a Muslim like me, you have to select Moslem food inside their system. Otherwise, they will give you the non-halal foods that contains pork and what not and you’ll starve the whole flight. They don’t have any extra halal foods so you better remember to select it while you are purchasing the tickets. I have my Moslem foods selected so I am pretty happy with it although they served lamb curry with rice and vegetables. Thai Airlines is also an airline that has non stop food-drinks counter. From one food tray to another drink coffee,tea and then another cold/warm water to wine..It’s like food galore in there! They were so generous! Oh yes, the best thing is even for 1 hour flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, they do serve snacks and drinks and coffee and tea! Wow! Take that Malaysia Airlines! Why can’t you be like them too? :P

chiang mai 045chiang mai 048chiang mai 047

* Airlines foods from KL to Bangkok & Bangkok to KL *


* Airline foods from Chiang Mai to Bangkok *

When on board, my crucial moments would be turbulence, take off and of course landing. It’s like I have been traumatized by my Frankfurt trip back in 2010 (boarded Emirates Airlines at that time), whereby the pilot tried to land even on windy environment and the airplane just drifted a little bit on the tarmac / runaway and I feel like hell at that time. Second most terrifying airline ever is at Penang airport during raya last year. OMG. That was just ridiculous! The pilot even can’t land (MAS pilot) and had to delay the time for about 3 hours! Thank God MAS staff did snack us some McDonalds. :) Even if the pilot can land, the take off was just way too scary. It was so bumpy, turbulence and it feels like dying already. But I tell you guys, before this I salute AirAsia’s pilot for having the best landing but this time I have to give it to Thai Airways. The landing is so superb, you only feel a glitch of bumpiness and that’s all. I would say 85% smooth. I salute you now Thai Airways. But still, for crazy landing the award goes to Emirates.

So, that’s my experience with Thai Airways. If you are looking forward to board Thai Airways, do try and do not be skeptical like me. :)



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