Friday, May 31, 2013

The Butterfly Project Spa Party! [I WANT TO GO!]

Hello girls! Please watch the video below for more details. Sorry if the video is very raw and non edited. :( I was in a rush to make a video entry for this SPA Party!

Hope that I could make it! :)

Reasons why I want to go to this SPA party :

  • I have NEVER been to a spa party before! Never in my life, me joining this type of party! And I am very eager to go and witness myself what is it all about. :)
  • I really wanted to meet new friends and be friends with all the youtubers, bloggers, social media peeps out there. That they were all girls so my boyfriend wont need to be jealous of them. hehe :)
  • I miss being “manied” and “padied”. I cannot remember when is the last time I went for a pedicure! I mean, I do have nice nails but it does not mean that they did not want to be pampered once in a while. I love feeling like a queen for a second, with my other queen friends! hehe


Pick me pick me pick me please!!

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