Friday, June 28, 2013

I need a massage pronto!

Hello all,

If you have been watching my vlogs and my Facebook Page posts, you must know that I am busy this whole week. Working non stop for nearly more than 12 hours for the past weekend and continue on Wednesday & Thursday! Oh wow! After all that crazy work days, I definitely need a pampering massage for me to relax my mind and seriously, my soul too!

I need some refreshments. I need to go to spa or massage place. I have found one on Facebook which I love to go! It is the Amante Nail Spa & Body Care! It has everything from the nail to your whole body. Since my body is still aching from those heavy work (non stop without any rest day! oh-em-gee!) and it is hard for me to do my daily work which is to sit in front of my laptop from 9:30am – 5:30pm, I am going to need this spa treatment so badly!

After a nice spa,massage,nail treatments, a photo place would be nice for us to take pictures and be energize again! After all those stressful days, taking photos with friends & family would be fun! I could act sweet, dumb or even silly! haha. Who can provide such a great photobooth non other than…PhotoBooth Malaysia! Yeap! A friendly team with loadsa cool ideas for a photobooth setup. This is seriously fun you guys! Who said photobooth is not only for taking passport/ic photos? you can have it anywhere anytime!

When you have all those pampering done, it is time for you to celebrate the day with…A PARTAYYYYYYY! Let’s celebrate your day filled with positive energy and fun! This would top your day off! Do not have the time to plan your crazy party? No worry let the Ask.Joey – The Sweetest Party do it for you! No fuss! They like organizing parties! Why not give it to them instead! Haha

After all those celebrations, when you come back home and surf the net, do not forget to like the Facebook page of The Butterfly Project. They have loads and loads of goodies, spas, treatments, bodylicious contest for you to win! I have liked them, why dont you like them today? :)

All the FB Page mentioned (LIKE THEM NOW!) :

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care :

Ask.Joey – The Sweetest Party :

Photobooth Malaysia :

The Butterfly Project :



Latest Circle Lens–Part III

geo LENS

Hello all, this is my last new circle lens collection. This is the one that I received for free from my lovely friend, Nurin. Thank you my dear for giving me this lens and only today I could wear it.

As what I posted down in my previous circle lens entry below, I will become a little bit skeptical when it comes to lenses which is not from the ICE range. It is because, I believe that the EOS Ice is the most comfortable lens ever! I swear by it! But, once I put on this GEO lens (I used to LOVE GEO Mimi lens) it feels kind of blurred at one point but then it was okay! The feeling is comfortable but not as comfy as EOS Ice. Still, I can wear it and it does not hurt my eyes at all! But I can still feel that there is a soft lens on my eye. That feeling does not appear when I wear my ICE lens, but this does not bother me at all actually. It’s like a feeling of, wearing a contact lens that’s all.

The color that I have is somewhat looks like light blue + green a bit. GEO lens is now so hard to find. You can only find them in some expensive online store like lens candy. :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BOTD–Sleek Candy Collection i-Candy


Hello there girlfriends! In this BOTD entry I will be doing a review / haul / swatches on the candy collection i-Candy eye shadow palette from Sleek Makeup! Yay! As you all know, I am a BIG fan of eye shadow and I can collect them all without thinking twice. Yes. But, I still did not own all of the Sleek palette just yet. Maybe I will slowly collect them all once I have the space to store all of my makeup products. Haha. :)

If you have been watching my videos, you will know that I am in love with Sleek eye shadow palette. They are cheap (even with the shipping price it is still cheap, consider that they shipped from the UK!) and seriously one of the best cheap eye shadow palette ever!

Their pigmentation can sometimes be okay and sometimes not, but still, their eye shadows (especially the matte palette) are AWESOME!

Going back to this palette, it has some matte shadow and some satin finish ones as well. What I can say is that, the matte shadow turns out to be not that pigmented (in this palette) and quite chalky. :( But still, the pigmentation of the others (satin finished) was superb! You can witness it with your own eyes, I took these pictures below without any primers & at night time. They were so pigmented and I really love all the colors!

Well, to be frank, the color strawberry sherbet is not that bright after all. Same goes to Flump. It is not that pigmented and quite chalky. Surprisingly, the color Liquorice is not chalky! Yay!

DSC08014 editDSC08015 edit

If you ask me what is my favorite color inside this palette I would say Mint Cream, Bon bon, Aniseed, Blue Fizzle and Apple sour! Oh no! I LOVE them ALL! haha. The texture inside the palette looks matte for some of the shadows (like cream soda) but once you applied it, it will gives out a satiny finish. Weird.

Go to if you want to purchase this palette. I believe it is a special & limited edition palette so get your hands on these babies now or they wont be available anymore soon.

Latest Circle Lens–Part II


gold eye iigold eye

Hello to all my friends out there!

This is the Adela 1 Tone Gold Lens, as promised I will do a blog review on this.

For me, I am a believer that if the lens is not from the ICE range, it would not be as comfy when you wear it. I am skeptical like that. So, when it comes to this Adela lens, I feel very nervous to wear it as I am also the person who if the lens are not comfy the first time I wear it, I will not wear it again for the second time.

To my surprise, this lens is AWESOME too! Well, not as comfy as the ICE lens, but still it is comfortable and I like it! It has this weird gold looking spiral deco on the lens and the other part was just transparent! I could not even see if it is inside my lens case. haha. So vulnerable but yet so comfy to wear.

I like this one. It does not look weird on my eyes. It just makes my brown eye has some little tiny spiral effect on it. Cool!

All my lenses I bought at : Nurin Lens It is somehow a pre-order type so you have to wait several months (depending on the supplier at Kora) to get you hands on the lenses. But she still has some ready stock lenses. You might want to ask her on that.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hazy Monday

Hey people of Malaysia!

Well, it is quite a bad hazy day here in Kuala Lumpur today. The API risen up from 102 to around 159 – 191. Well, bad bad bad day. Hopefully not as bad as Muar. I pity the people in Muar. Hope you guys stay well, healthy and strong.

IMG_4856.JPG (2)IMG_4859.JPG (2)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Latest Circle Lenses–Part I

Hello girls! At last my new circle lenses has arrived! I am very excited as I could not wait any longer to try out the new EOS ICE II. I have to know the differences between EOS Ice and Ice II. Well, I wore them right away after a day soaked in the solution and I still cannot find any differences at all between the two.

Hazel Ice II

This is the ICE II Hazel color. This is the lens that I have not yet tried before. I do not know that Ice II even exist! haha. Well, I tried them the day after I got the lens and just love it. It’s like Ice, very comfortable and I cannot feel anything at all while wearing them! Love this lens so much!

Eos Dark Ice

This is the DARK ICE lens in Grey. I have not yet also test this lens. Most of the lenses in this entry are new and I have not yet tried them before this. I have always love EOS lenses as it is very very very comfortable.

Brown Dark Ice

This is today! I am wearing my Brown Dark Ice today and am loving it! I trust the brand EOS ICE as it is very comfortable! You should try them as well you won’t regret it! It feels nothing on my eyes!

I shall be doing another Part II of the entry soon. I have another 2 lenses that I haven’t wear yet and one of them is GOLD! YAY! Excited much!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CUTE Giveaway - Winner


Congratulations to Iman Qistina!

I have already emailed to you. Please reply back to me or a new winner will be selected.


As for the rest, I am so sorry that I could not give ALL of you a giveaway prize. But I shall make it up by doing more and more giveaways this year.

Bless you & Thank you for your support!

Keep on watching my YouTube videos for more info on the next giveaway.

I will be giving you ………



Have fun!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man of Steel


Have you guys seen this movie yet? I did last Saturday. Well, not a big fan of Superman it self. Did not watch any Superman movies but do know a little bit of superman from the series Lois & Clark, long time ago and that time the actor played Superman was Dean Cain. Yes. He is super gorgeous back than. Now, he got older and bigger and unfamous. :)

Superman is famous for his trademark of the red underwear and spiral hair. This time, in Man of Steel no more red underwear and no more spiral hair. T_T Kinda sad although I am not fond of watching a man wearing big giant underwear, flying towards the sky.

This time they present Henry Cavill, a British guy (I mistakenly told my boyfriend that he is from Australia but hey he’s a British actor again) who is a no dude man to the super man. I read his interview inside JUNE GLAMOUR Magazine (British Edition). He told the interviewer that he has waited for a job since 10 years ago. Well, worth the wait! He was just playing online games when Mr. Zack Snyder called him and give him this job. Well, patience is virtue at last for him. He lost some of the teenagers big movies like Twilight (lost to Robert Pattinson), Harry Potter and more. Well, I guess Man of Steel is a suitable and perfect role for him. No need to be in those movies after all.

If you haven’t watch Man of Steel yet, go and watch it now! I recommend this to all guys out there and girls, you can just drool at the face of Henry while guys can droll over the effects and of course the girl, Amy Adams (plays Lois Lane). I just want to warn you one thing though, protect your ears, the sound effect is very very loud! :)


BTW, I always got confused between Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. :) They are very very very identical. Seriously.

amy isla

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kuantan Backpackers

My first time sleeping in a backpackers hostel. It was AWESOME! I love the fact that not that many people were around (that was so not the purpose of backpackers place) and the place is quite clean. It is cheap too! RM28 for girls bed per night and RM32 for mixed room (dorm type)

man of steel 013man of steel 012man of steel 011man of steel 008man of steel 007man of steel 006

It is very convenient place to stay even for longer period. It has 7-11 shop which opens 24/7! And 2 pharmacies (Watsons and Guardians). Across the road (they have overpass walkway) is the convenience store name The Store. So, everything is at one place, within walking distance range. I really love this place and will come back here again one day. :)

man of steel 010

* Irfan, Haizan & Me *

Wish list

Youtube has been part of my life now. I watched YouTube every single day and I have been in YouTube videos as well. I have been thinking about purchasing a bigger and better camera for me to record my videos and tutorials and what not. So, I must keep some money in order for me to purchase my dream handycam.

My favorite brand of handycam has always been Sony. I love their image quality, I love how easy it is to use their handycam and the fact that I do have installed their software named PlayMemories, it makes the transfer video from my handycam to my laptop a lot more easier.

I have my eyes on the semipro handycam ones and also average ones.







Which one should I choose!?!?!?! One cost around RM 5,999.00 and the semi pro costs about RM 9,499.00

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BOTD–IN2IT Matte Lipstick


*L-R : French Rose, Rose Dew*

Saw this lipstick on an airplane booklet. I just have to had it straight away! IN2IT products are now as good as Maybelline I guess. Only that it is not that well-known here in Malaysia, or just being left behind, it is not the popular brand for makeup people to search. My first encounter with In2IT was the Lip Tint. I love their Lip Tint so much!! I even vlogged, about it and have it in my May favorites! So I thought why not try their other lip products as well.

I was looking for an affordable lipstick that lasts long and quite matte. But matte lipstick often dries up my lips. So, I bought only one color just to try it out at first. My first color is Rose Dew. LOVE IT! Quite moisturizing and does not have any scent to it. But, it does not last long I guess. Maybe because it is not that matte after all (It does have some shine speckles to it) but it does leave some stain to it. :)

One tube costs less than RM20 at Guardian / Watsons. Different store, different price and as usual, I love Watsons more with their cheap prices. :)

The sad life of..

Well, I have been rejected so many times. Eventhough I know I have already been given the best answer that I could give, most honest and most truest answers but still, there will be rejections. You cannot live without rejections. We rejected things,people and more every single day. I sometimes, do believe in karma itself. But that’s just another part of the story.

I was actually browsing some job application website and found out about Taleo. I have used Taleo before to apply to certain jobs in Malaysia. For those who does not know what Taleo is, it is actually a Talent Management Solution sofeware. If I am not mistaken, it is a software under Oracle. I have never use any Oracle or even Taleo in my everyday work life and I feel like I have been missing something here, a whole lot of something! I really want to get my hands on Oracle or SAP. But then I have to get out and venture onto some other company, which I will do soon.

Going back to Taleo, I have actually send my job application using Taleo. At first I thought it was just another ‘app’ for a job portal. I was wrong. When I saw this forum here Taleo Curse I was shocked. I mean, I really read through all the sayings inside this forum and I feel them. Like, really do. It was something that I thought I could help. You know, being a recruitment sourcing consultant is something that could fits my soul. I love helping people. When seeing things like this, people were not given a slight chance to even let their CV being reviewed, this is madness. I mean, some companies are struggling to have more applications and you just ‘throw away’ the person who did go to your company website and apply voluntarily? There must be something wrong with your company and management.

I believe that it is not Taleo’s fault after all. The HR person and their management was the one who has set the Taleo system to not to accept any other application from this respective applicator in ther future as it is not suitable or competent enough to work with them.

Another thing that I am not very satisfied with is that, when someone went for an interview and was not even given an offer. The same old lame excuses is ‘We have more candidates to interview and will revert back to you once the decision has been made’. Some even lie to the candidate saying that they were put up as a backup if the first candidate back out but instead they just do not want to hire them.  I have seen these kind of situation, been in some of them and yes I feel them. Well, what is the purpose of having a probation period then? I can understand if you do not want to hire someone because of they really really cannot do the work, but rejecting someone just because they lack in one thing was not good. I mean, they really do applied, they have the courage to go for the interview and they can speak well on the interview. What else do you want more?

According to Wikipedia,

“In a workplace setting, probation is a status given to new employees of a company or business. It is widely termed as Probation Period of an employee. This status allows a supervisor or other company manager to closely evaluate the progress and skills of the newly hired worker, determine appropriate assignments and monitor other aspects of the employee – such as how they interact with co-workers, supervisors or customers.”

“The probationary period also allows an employer to terminate an employee who is determined not to be doing well at their job or otherwise deemed not suitable for a particular position. Whether or not this empowers employers to abuse their employees by, without warning, terminating their contract before the probation period has ended; is open for debate.”

According to Tempoh Percubaan Dan Pengesahan Dalam Jawatan Akta Pekerja 55, there is no saying on probation period. It was secretly saying that probation period will be under the management decisions.

“Keperluan Tempoh Percubaan

Tempoh percubaan atau probation adalah tempoh masa yang digunakan oleh majikan untuk menentukan samada pekerja adalah sesuai dan layak untuk berkerja dengan mereka. Acapkali berlaku resume dan temuduga tidak mencukupi untuk majikan menilai pekerja dengan lebih tepat. Maka pendekatan yang selamat adalah memberikan tempoh percubaan kerana mereka yang di bawah tempoh percubaan ini tidak menikmati hak-hak yang sama dengan dengan pekerja tetap. Jika pekerja tidak sesuai, maka majikan akan lebih mudah menamatkan perkhidmatannya berbanding dengan pekerja tetap. Dalam kesEquatorial Timber Moulding Sdn Bhd Kuching v John Michael Crosshey[1986] ILR 1666, mahkamah menyatakan:

The probationer has no substantive right to hold the post. He holds no lien on then post. He is on trial to prove his fitness for the post which he offers his service. His character, suitability and capacity as an employee are to be tested during the probationary period and his employment on probation comes to an end if during or at the end the end of the probationary period he is found to be unsuitable, and his employer can terminate his probation by virtue of otherwise as provided in the terms of appointment.”

Takem from : Tempoh Percubaan dan Pengesahan Jawatan

Well, I guess if the rezeki is still not with us, do not worry. It will come soon. How soon? I do now know. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Brace yourself!


Yes! Fancybox haul will be up soon! Soon~


Haul / Unboxing : MIVVA June Box! (My fave!)



Another unboxing / haul video on JUNE MIVVA box! Yayness! I love this month’s box as it does have makeup items in it. No beauty facial product that much. The only thing that I might not use is the Liese Hair Color. But I am thinking of highlighting my hair using this, maybe yes, maybe no. I have never ever color up my hair except once, highlighting them and a friend of mine did it for me.

Let’s dig in shall we?




I got in the shade of Creamy Beige. Which I think looks cool. But I don’t think so I’ll be coloring my hair.



RM49.90 FOR 7 PCS

I love the My Beauty Diary black pearl mask. And I wish I could use this one too. But I am still under quarantine of using this one facial product so, maybe another time soon I shall try this mask. :)




RM16.90 FOR 1.1G

This is overly CUTE! When I saw this I was eager to open the box as I thought it would be like a tube lip gloss. I would never thought that it will look so cute and pretty!! Love this lip gloss! It does have a strap so that you could carry it with your keys or just throw it inside your handbag. :)




This is the most expensive thing in the box. I receive a full size of the eyeshadow and I absolutely love the colors! It comes with 3 eye shadow and one primer I guess. Love the pigmentation of these eyeshadow! I have not heard about the brand though but I absolutely LOVE the eyeshadow so much!!

Subscribe to MIVVA box at : and let’s share what you love or maybe dislike about the items inside the box each month! :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BOTD - May Favorites!


*Kleenes Soft Pack Tissue, Makeupgeek shimma shimma eyeshadow, Bath & Body Works Fresh Picked Pocketbac, Bath & Body Works Secret Wonderland Lotion, In2It Lip Tint in Melon & Strawberry, Herb Basics Jasmine Body Powder, Maybelline the MAGNUM Volum’ Mascara Waterproof*

Haul : Vanity Trove June


Looks tempting? YES indeed! I love surprises box like this. I mean, I still haven’t get the chance to blog my May edition of Vanity Trove. This month, they deliver it quite fast! I am quite surprise with this. :)

Loving each and every items inside this month’s trove. :) I did tried out the Loreal Liss Ultime Shampoo and Oh-My-God the smell was…out of this world! I fell in love with this shampoo instantly!

I shall try more on other items inside this month’s trove! The lashes, the shampoo, the body oil!

To subscribe to Vanity Trove Malaysia, visit : now!

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