Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BOTD–Sleek Candy Collection i-Candy


Hello there girlfriends! In this BOTD entry I will be doing a review / haul / swatches on the candy collection i-Candy eye shadow palette from Sleek Makeup! Yay! As you all know, I am a BIG fan of eye shadow and I can collect them all without thinking twice. Yes. But, I still did not own all of the Sleek palette just yet. Maybe I will slowly collect them all once I have the space to store all of my makeup products. Haha. :)

If you have been watching my videos, you will know that I am in love with Sleek eye shadow palette. They are cheap (even with the shipping price it is still cheap, consider that they shipped from the UK!) and seriously one of the best cheap eye shadow palette ever!

Their pigmentation can sometimes be okay and sometimes not, but still, their eye shadows (especially the matte palette) are AWESOME!

Going back to this palette, it has some matte shadow and some satin finish ones as well. What I can say is that, the matte shadow turns out to be not that pigmented (in this palette) and quite chalky. :( But still, the pigmentation of the others (satin finished) was superb! You can witness it with your own eyes, I took these pictures below without any primers & at night time. They were so pigmented and I really love all the colors!

Well, to be frank, the color strawberry sherbet is not that bright after all. Same goes to Flump. It is not that pigmented and quite chalky. Surprisingly, the color Liquorice is not chalky! Yay!

DSC08014 editDSC08015 edit

If you ask me what is my favorite color inside this palette I would say Mint Cream, Bon bon, Aniseed, Blue Fizzle and Apple sour! Oh no! I LOVE them ALL! haha. The texture inside the palette looks matte for some of the shadows (like cream soda) but once you applied it, it will gives out a satiny finish. Weird.

Go to http://www.sleekmakeup.com if you want to purchase this palette. I believe it is a special & limited edition palette so get your hands on these babies now or they wont be available anymore soon.

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