Friday, June 28, 2013

I need a massage pronto!

Hello all,

If you have been watching my vlogs and my Facebook Page posts, you must know that I am busy this whole week. Working non stop for nearly more than 12 hours for the past weekend and continue on Wednesday & Thursday! Oh wow! After all that crazy work days, I definitely need a pampering massage for me to relax my mind and seriously, my soul too!

I need some refreshments. I need to go to spa or massage place. I have found one on Facebook which I love to go! It is the Amante Nail Spa & Body Care! It has everything from the nail to your whole body. Since my body is still aching from those heavy work (non stop without any rest day! oh-em-gee!) and it is hard for me to do my daily work which is to sit in front of my laptop from 9:30am – 5:30pm, I am going to need this spa treatment so badly!

After a nice spa,massage,nail treatments, a photo place would be nice for us to take pictures and be energize again! After all those stressful days, taking photos with friends & family would be fun! I could act sweet, dumb or even silly! haha. Who can provide such a great photobooth non other than…PhotoBooth Malaysia! Yeap! A friendly team with loadsa cool ideas for a photobooth setup. This is seriously fun you guys! Who said photobooth is not only for taking passport/ic photos? you can have it anywhere anytime!

When you have all those pampering done, it is time for you to celebrate the day with…A PARTAYYYYYYY! Let’s celebrate your day filled with positive energy and fun! This would top your day off! Do not have the time to plan your crazy party? No worry let the Ask.Joey – The Sweetest Party do it for you! No fuss! They like organizing parties! Why not give it to them instead! Haha

After all those celebrations, when you come back home and surf the net, do not forget to like the Facebook page of The Butterfly Project. They have loads and loads of goodies, spas, treatments, bodylicious contest for you to win! I have liked them, why dont you like them today? :)

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Ask.Joey – The Sweetest Party :

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