Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Latest Circle Lens–Part II


gold eye iigold eye

Hello to all my friends out there!

This is the Adela 1 Tone Gold Lens, as promised I will do a blog review on this.

For me, I am a believer that if the lens is not from the ICE range, it would not be as comfy when you wear it. I am skeptical like that. So, when it comes to this Adela lens, I feel very nervous to wear it as I am also the person who if the lens are not comfy the first time I wear it, I will not wear it again for the second time.

To my surprise, this lens is AWESOME too! Well, not as comfy as the ICE lens, but still it is comfortable and I like it! It has this weird gold looking spiral deco on the lens and the other part was just transparent! I could not even see if it is inside my lens case. haha. So vulnerable but yet so comfy to wear.

I like this one. It does not look weird on my eyes. It just makes my brown eye has some little tiny spiral effect on it. Cool!

All my lenses I bought at : Nurin Lens It is somehow a pre-order type so you have to wait several months (depending on the supplier at Kora) to get you hands on the lenses. But she still has some ready stock lenses. You might want to ask her on that.

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