Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man of Steel


Have you guys seen this movie yet? I did last Saturday. Well, not a big fan of Superman it self. Did not watch any Superman movies but do know a little bit of superman from the series Lois & Clark, long time ago and that time the actor played Superman was Dean Cain. Yes. He is super gorgeous back than. Now, he got older and bigger and unfamous. :)

Superman is famous for his trademark of the red underwear and spiral hair. This time, in Man of Steel no more red underwear and no more spiral hair. T_T Kinda sad although I am not fond of watching a man wearing big giant underwear, flying towards the sky.

This time they present Henry Cavill, a British guy (I mistakenly told my boyfriend that he is from Australia but hey he’s a British actor again) who is a no dude man to the super man. I read his interview inside JUNE GLAMOUR Magazine (British Edition). He told the interviewer that he has waited for a job since 10 years ago. Well, worth the wait! He was just playing online games when Mr. Zack Snyder called him and give him this job. Well, patience is virtue at last for him. He lost some of the teenagers big movies like Twilight (lost to Robert Pattinson), Harry Potter and more. Well, I guess Man of Steel is a suitable and perfect role for him. No need to be in those movies after all.

If you haven’t watch Man of Steel yet, go and watch it now! I recommend this to all guys out there and girls, you can just drool at the face of Henry while guys can droll over the effects and of course the girl, Amy Adams (plays Lois Lane). I just want to warn you one thing though, protect your ears, the sound effect is very very loud! :)


BTW, I always got confused between Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. :) They are very very very identical. Seriously.

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