Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The sad life of..

Well, I have been rejected so many times. Eventhough I know I have already been given the best answer that I could give, most honest and most truest answers but still, there will be rejections. You cannot live without rejections. We rejected things,people and more every single day. I sometimes, do believe in karma itself. But that’s just another part of the story.

I was actually browsing some job application website and found out about Taleo. I have used Taleo before to apply to certain jobs in Malaysia. For those who does not know what Taleo is, it is actually a Talent Management Solution sofeware. If I am not mistaken, it is a software under Oracle. I have never use any Oracle or even Taleo in my everyday work life and I feel like I have been missing something here, a whole lot of something! I really want to get my hands on Oracle or SAP. But then I have to get out and venture onto some other company, which I will do soon.

Going back to Taleo, I have actually send my job application using Taleo. At first I thought it was just another ‘app’ for a job portal. I was wrong. When I saw this forum here Taleo Curse I was shocked. I mean, I really read through all the sayings inside this forum and I feel them. Like, really do. It was something that I thought I could help. You know, being a recruitment sourcing consultant is something that could fits my soul. I love helping people. When seeing things like this, people were not given a slight chance to even let their CV being reviewed, this is madness. I mean, some companies are struggling to have more applications and you just ‘throw away’ the person who did go to your company website and apply voluntarily? There must be something wrong with your company and management.

I believe that it is not Taleo’s fault after all. The HR person and their management was the one who has set the Taleo system to not to accept any other application from this respective applicator in ther future as it is not suitable or competent enough to work with them.

Another thing that I am not very satisfied with is that, when someone went for an interview and was not even given an offer. The same old lame excuses is ‘We have more candidates to interview and will revert back to you once the decision has been made’. Some even lie to the candidate saying that they were put up as a backup if the first candidate back out but instead they just do not want to hire them.  I have seen these kind of situation, been in some of them and yes I feel them. Well, what is the purpose of having a probation period then? I can understand if you do not want to hire someone because of they really really cannot do the work, but rejecting someone just because they lack in one thing was not good. I mean, they really do applied, they have the courage to go for the interview and they can speak well on the interview. What else do you want more?

According to Wikipedia,

“In a workplace setting, probation is a status given to new employees of a company or business. It is widely termed as Probation Period of an employee. This status allows a supervisor or other company manager to closely evaluate the progress and skills of the newly hired worker, determine appropriate assignments and monitor other aspects of the employee – such as how they interact with co-workers, supervisors or customers.”

“The probationary period also allows an employer to terminate an employee who is determined not to be doing well at their job or otherwise deemed not suitable for a particular position. Whether or not this empowers employers to abuse their employees by, without warning, terminating their contract before the probation period has ended; is open for debate.”

According to Tempoh Percubaan Dan Pengesahan Dalam Jawatan Akta Pekerja 55, there is no saying on probation period. It was secretly saying that probation period will be under the management decisions.

“Keperluan Tempoh Percubaan

Tempoh percubaan atau probation adalah tempoh masa yang digunakan oleh majikan untuk menentukan samada pekerja adalah sesuai dan layak untuk berkerja dengan mereka. Acapkali berlaku resume dan temuduga tidak mencukupi untuk majikan menilai pekerja dengan lebih tepat. Maka pendekatan yang selamat adalah memberikan tempoh percubaan kerana mereka yang di bawah tempoh percubaan ini tidak menikmati hak-hak yang sama dengan dengan pekerja tetap. Jika pekerja tidak sesuai, maka majikan akan lebih mudah menamatkan perkhidmatannya berbanding dengan pekerja tetap. Dalam kesEquatorial Timber Moulding Sdn Bhd Kuching v John Michael Crosshey[1986] ILR 1666, mahkamah menyatakan:

The probationer has no substantive right to hold the post. He holds no lien on then post. He is on trial to prove his fitness for the post which he offers his service. His character, suitability and capacity as an employee are to be tested during the probationary period and his employment on probation comes to an end if during or at the end the end of the probationary period he is found to be unsuitable, and his employer can terminate his probation by virtue of otherwise as provided in the terms of appointment.”

Takem from : Tempoh Percubaan dan Pengesahan Jawatan

Well, I guess if the rezeki is still not with us, do not worry. It will come soon. How soon? I do now know. :)

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