Monday, June 17, 2013

Wish list

Youtube has been part of my life now. I watched YouTube every single day and I have been in YouTube videos as well. I have been thinking about purchasing a bigger and better camera for me to record my videos and tutorials and what not. So, I must keep some money in order for me to purchase my dream handycam.

My favorite brand of handycam has always been Sony. I love their image quality, I love how easy it is to use their handycam and the fact that I do have installed their software named PlayMemories, it makes the transfer video from my handycam to my laptop a lot more easier.

I have my eyes on the semipro handycam ones and also average ones.







Which one should I choose!?!?!?! One cost around RM 5,999.00 and the semi pro costs about RM 9,499.00

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