Wednesday, July 31, 2013



The month of August is here! Seriously FAST! I still can remember how I celebrate new year this year. Haha. I still have those fireworks video in my camera for God sake! And now it is nearly August? What? Well, August is my favorite month because it is my birth month! haha. Well, I am excited as when it is in August month, it is nearly the end of the year. Only 4 months left to 2013. Seriously, time flies seriously FAST!

Have you guys done yet with your raya preparations? I have not yet. Still need to find some shoes and another Baju Kurung. Maybe need to do last minute Raya shopping next week. And maybe have to change a little bit of duit raya to be given to my cousins back in Penang. Well, since working, I have never failed to give out duit raya to my small cousins, alhamdulillah. It’s just that the amount is not that big. :)

Well, I see you guys in my next entry post. I’ll be posting out some BOTD post from Decleor and also Bag of Love. :)


Friday, July 26, 2013

BOTD–Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara

I am a HUGE fan of mascara. I think, when I grew older I tend to say yes to mascara. Just because it just lift up my small eyes. Yes. I do have small eyes. I used to love fake lashes but now I have no time to actually have it on. It takes some time to have it looking really nice and blend with my natural lashes. I have lost my fake lashes skills. Sobs. But fret not! I have this The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara to make me look like I am having false lashes on my lashes. Haha.

I love Maybelline mascaras. I love the MAGNUM Volum’ express mascara which makes me look like I am having a fake lashes on. Even a friend of mine asked me whether I did have my fake lashes on. Haha. Well, only mascara dear, only mascara. I did not even curl my lashes! That’s the power of my fave mascara ever!

As for this The Rocket Volum’ Express mascara, I am having some kind of love hate about it. It’s claimed to make my lashes looks voluminuos but I did not see that coming! It gives me length. It is also said that it wont clump my lashes on. I having this difficulties since, forever. I don’t know why, maybe my mascara application techniques is not right but I have clumped lashes when I use this. I shall not give up and will try to learn on how to have non clumpy lashes soon. The bristle is also quite huge. It is just one size, no pint point at the end of the brush, and that makes it harder for me to apply the mascara onto my inner corner upper lashes. So, I have to use the top of the brush and push my lashes with it.

This is not a waterproof mascara. I am not a huge fan of non water proof mascara but I like it. It is okay. Only that the mascara feels synthetic. It does not feel liquidy at all. It feels so smooth and plastic. And when the removing time begins, I always have this problems of mascara fall outs. The mascara will have some fall outs onto your cheeks and around your eye area since it is not a waterproof mascara. The good part is, it is very easy to remove! :)

This is one over pricey mascara from Maybelline. It costs RM36++ if I am not mistaken at Watsons Pharmacy.


Astro On-The-Go

Hello everybody! Assalamualaikum! Happy Nuzul Quran Day to all! Well, I have been having this Astro On-The-Go for a while now. But have not used it until few months back. Well, mainly because before this I have no time to even play iPad. It’s like work every single time. But now, I have to balance myself. Since working can be a no fun day to some people, I tend to make it fun by watching my Astro On-The-Go every morning just to boost my working mood. Sometimes, I just don’t watch it. I leave it there and just have the sound to hear it. I am pleased with myself that I could do 2,3 things at one time. I can watch TV and still doing my work. That’s my specialty. I guess, that’s every woman specialty.

I never neglected my work. It is just that lately it’s been quite slow especially during this Ramadhan month. So, I decided to fill my work time by watching / hearing some tv programs. My favorite channel would be AFC, TLC, Discovery, CNN, Bloomberg. Not all the channel in your Astro account will be in Astro On-The-Go. Only certain channels. I am still trying to play around with this app. Each day it has new channel being upload and now it has Video On Demand kind of thingy. This is fantastic if I am on the go (yeah!) and needed some entertainment right away. I can always watch Astro either by using WiFi or 3G connection! Walla!

Others channel in this app includes : Animal Planet, Astro AEC, Astro Awani, Astro Bella, Astro Oasis, Astro Ria Plus, Astro TVIQ, Astro Vananavil, Astro Warna, Astro Xiao Tai Yang, Disney XD, ONE HD.

Radio includes : Radio ERA, Radio Gegar, Radio Hitz FM, Radio Lite FM, Radio Melody, Radio Mix, Radio My, Radio Sinar, Radio THR Raaga.


It is actually a free application but you need to have Astro Account in order for you to join your current astro account with the Astro On-The-Go account. You can visit for more details!

I am watching AFC now! haha


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hari Raya!

This is actually my favorite Hari Raya song. Everybody is going for the Sudirman “Balik Kampung” or Saloma “Selamat Hari Raya” But I choose this one. Mainly because I can sing this song when I was little. I knew every words, every notes. I even can reached those high notes back then. This is my outmost favorite raya song ever!

Talking about raya, it has been 2 weeks now that we are fasting in this Ramadhan month and another 2 weeks to go for Hari Raya! I have prepared my raya clothes. Only left is a pair of shoe. Well, I am a bit fussy when it comes to buying shoes. It is like I am having a war between my brain and my heart. Haha. My heart will always say buy those beautiful high heels. It will compliment my baju kurung. But my brain always said no, only buy those that you will wear every single day. Oh my. I am having a war with my own organs. Haha. Weird. So now, I just have to do a little survey here and there. I don’t need some fancy brands, even BATA will do. I love shoes which is comfortable for me to wear every day but still looks good with my raya outfits. Well, it’s a very hard and tough decision to make. Haha.

I wont be revealing my baju raya just yet. I think it is best to just keep it for now and will reveal it on the Raya day itself. But I can assure you, I LOVE this baju raya to bits! Thank you to Irfan for paying half of the price. Hehe. It’s is the most expensive baju raya that I have ever own I guess. At least, to me. I still need to buy another one piece of baju raya sometime around next month. I have to scavenge around KL just to find that perfect piece for me. :)

How’s your Hari Raya preparation going on? I still have loads to do! I have to change hose Duit Raya from the bank, I have to pay for some raya biscuits, what else? I cannot remember. hehe

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal Baby!

Well, like it or not I am going to do an entry regarding about this. If you think this is wasting your time I suggest you to get the heck away from this entry. I have no idea why do people just hate them. I mean, yes they were just a human being, giving birth to a baby. What’s that to cheer about here in Malaysia? Crack up your mind and you will find the answer or let me just help you with one. Imagine this is like your own child to be celebrated, and while your child is being born, someone in the Palestine is suffering from the war and so on. Will you still celebrate your new born child? Or just pretend that it’s nothing? Well, that’s not the best example that I could give as Kate Middleton is not even my family to begin with but she has been out there, reaching to her people with her good heart and very caring soul. That’s good enough for me to feel very close to her as my own big sister. She’s everybody big sister and a princess.

I am excited as hell to this royal baby. I love Kate Middleton. I like her style. I adore her. It’s something that you cannot compare with the people who dies in Iraq, Palestine or wherever. Well, people die. It’s how they died that matters. And we all can always fight for their rights anytime, anywhere, anyhow. You just don’t have to mention it to the whole wide world. It’s between you and Allah. If the news are relevant to be shared, I shared. That’s all. People can be so straight and ignorant. Some are even worst, arrogant. When they said they fight for Palestine but still drink alcohol which everybody knows is HARAM in Islam. What kind of a sorcery is that? Can you explain to me?

Well, going back to the royal baby news, as you know I love Kate Middleton and I have been following / stalking her ever since she got married. Haha. I stalk her fashion style, makeup, hair, walk and stand. Well, I can’t just copy all of that as I am not from a royal blood. But still, I think she is so poised. Love her to bits! So when the news comes up that she’s pregnant, I am utterly delightful!

I still love Malaysia as my beloved country. But if I were to choose the next place that I would live, I would choose Mecca. But then, the third place would be London, UK. I love their history, their culture, their royal culture and traditions. English people and customs has been the biggest changes in my life. I think, I am more customary to British than others from their language, clothing (the non revealing ones of course!), lifestyle and more. Like the Town Crier (video below) tradition.

How beautiful that they still has this kind of tradition which I believe in any parts of the world, has long gone? Here in Malaysia, we still practice some traditions when the royal family gave birth to a baby, I supposed. Our Agong / King is very important to us here in Malaysia.

If you would like to know more about the royal baby, just click on the CNN website. You can watch a couple of videos where Prince William carries the baby in a baby car seat and take the wheel, just like other ordinary people. :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Lilac Box : Decleor Unboxing Party

As you might know (if you follow me on instagram / twitter / facebook), went to Decleor unboxing party organized by The Lilac Box last week Saturday on the 13th July 2013. It was my first experience going to an event as such, alone without knowing anyone at the event. But I manage to talk to some bunch of cool and nice woman around that day. Awesome to the max!

Upon arriving at the event room, I registered myself by saying my name (surprisingly my name is placed at No.2!) and the girl told me that I am one of the lucky winner to win the candle! I was like, really? Haha. I never win anything before. I am such a bad luck when it comes to winning things, lucky draws..oh such a no no for me. Haha. I do actually know there’ll be some winner winning the expensive candle by Decleor but I totally forgot about it days before the event. haha. Well, thank you The Lilac Box for choosing me to be one of the lucky winner. I believe there were two of the lucky ones, me and another lovely person sat just 2 seats beside me. Haha. I don’t really know how do they choose the winner, though.

The event started after all the participants have arrived and have done some of the activities before the unboxing. The activities were some puzzle games, smell test, hydration test and also skin test. I did not do the hydration test as I came quite late (around 3PM) and only manage to do the other three activities. On the skin test, I was being shown onto a pamphlet, the Decleor products that might be suitable for me to use according to my skin character.


* See the lady in green? She was one of the candle winner as well! *

Before the unboxing ever begins, there were some speeches from Chuang Yik (Co-Founder of The Lilac Box Sdn Bhd), followed by Adrian Chee (Assistant Sales Manager, Salon Professional Associates Sdn Bhd) and followed by another representative from Salon Professional Associates. Then, Decleor trainer comes up and gave an introduction about aromatherapy. It was a great informative slides and moment as before this, I only thought Aromatherapy was just about smelling nice things like candle and oils. It was way beyond that.


* Some of the slides on aromatherapy, BB cream & CC creams *

So, the unboxing begins! I was so shocked to see a lot of products inside this box. All Decleor products. I was trying to compare the products on the pamphlet (the ones that was being recommended to me) but I could not found any suitable matching. Haha. Well, no worries I still love the ones that I have got in my box! Yayness! Then, the demo of the products begins! We have to put on the hairbands and towels so that we wont get wet. This is the exciting part!


* The products that I received! *

Overall, I am happy with what I have went through that day. It was an experience that I shall never forget. I will try to attend these kind of events again soon in the future. I love things like this. Getting stuffs and friends as well. Oh yes, right after the unboxing event, we all went to Decleor shop in MidValley. Remember when I said that there were activities before the unboxing starts? Well, each activites requires us to collect a stamp. The first one would be the LIKE Decleor Facebook page, second was the puzzle, third was the hydration or skin test, fourth one is the smell test and the last one would be the Decleor shop tour. Well, I got all 5 of the stamps and I would redeem a RM50 voucher to purchase Decleor items. I was broke that day so I ended up not buying anything at all. Burn RM50. :( It only could be use on that day only. T_T

Anyway, it was a fun day for me. Thank you The Lilac Box, Decleor and Salon Professional Associates for having this event. I hope in the future there’ll be more events like this and I shall be there! Happy me!

To know more about The Lila Box : or visit their Facebook Page :


Monday, July 22, 2013


Somewhere, somehow I think that we could just make ourselves a little note each day to say that we choose to be something today. To motivate ourselves. Lack of motivation is like, lacking of life. I have always motivate myself using my own methods, by buying new stuffs! haha. Well, shopping is one of them. If I am looking for a less money using motivation treatment, I will just sing. Pick my latest favorite song and sing out loud (well, I could not sing out loud if I am at home so by just humming it still would be okay).


Apart from shopping, meeting with friends is also something that I would love to do if I do have the free time. Most of my friends including myself is busy every single day. We just have to find the right date to go out and have fun just us girlfriends. Or maybe have a chit chat with my cousins would also be great. I am an outdoor person. I enjoy meeting people and making new friends be it female or male or “inbetweeners”. I don’t choose who can become my friends. I am not a person who will only make friends with certain people. I enjoy talking if the person that I am talking to can take my jokes and trash words. Haha. Cause I can sometimes be very aggressive towards using my words. If you can stand me, I welcome you to be my friend.

I love hanging out, talking and just socializing without needed to be at pubs, clubs and so on as I do not drink. Never in my life that I would drink those alcoholic beverages. Well, hope that one day my social skills could develop little by little. :)

How was your fasting days so far? Have you gotten your Baju Raya already? I have one tho now and I might be needing another one next month. But I am still searching for shoes to go with my baju raya. Shopping time again? ;)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What makes a sexy man?

My boyfriend always ask me, how do woman rate sexiness in man? I have no idea how to answer him as I did not rate sexiness as appearance that much. Sometimes, who ever looks good on my boyfriend’s eyes, will not look good to my eyes. Haha. What makes a man is a sexy man?

I believe us woman, we do not focus on only one criteria. As what man always say, woman is unpredictable. Even in choosing their own male partner. Unlike man, they tend to choose woman who looks good through their eyes, having some extra in certain parts are a bonus. So, we know when a man keeps on staring a woman with shorts, sleeveless shirts long hair, beautiful framed face, we know they like them although in their mouth they denied it. It’s a trick for them to take a second,third look towards that woman. It’s their tactic. I know and I have learn a lot of things. Haha.

But what about us? What do we find in men? I don’t know. Maybe not their appearance that much, we look more onto their inner strength. How do they treat us. Having a nice face and body for us is a bonus. Without them, it is fine. So we cannot judge a man without knowing their traits first. Even if he comes in a really good quality outer package, the inner part is very important to us as well. And that what makes a man sexy! :)

There, my honest answer.

Thursday, July 11, 2013



Hello lovelies! This is my botd entry for MIVVA June box! Yay! Mivva has never disappoint me to bits at all! I am very glad that I have encountered MIVVA box as each month, they will have at least once full size item which is a great bargain! This month, they equipped us with not one but THREE FULL SIZE items! YES! THREE baby! Well, let’s start shall we? :)


From Left to Right :


I have been looking for a toner for quite some time and found one suitable for me which is the Neutrogena No Alcohol Toner which I have already mentioned it inside my June Favorites video. This is another additional to my Beautymate collections from Mivva and I will try this toner as well. Who knows, it might work as good as Neutrogena!

“ Contains Ginko Bilboa Leaf Extract, hydrolyzed pearl and glycoproteins “

RM49.90 for 120ML



Oh my God. This eye cream is my latest favorite! I tried these once before and can definitely see the results on the next day itself! It works so fast in hiding my under eye circle and dark spots as well! I LOVE this eye cream.

“ Enhancing the biological function of the lymphathic system “

RM98.80 for 15ML



I have always passed by Elianto counter but never purchased anything from them except their brushes. But then I received this eyeshadow from Mivva, I swatched it and OMG…it was seriously pigmented and was not chalky at all. Although, the color blends quite fast so it tends to make it look kinda blurry. Anyway, I received in the color Rampart Blue!

RM8 for 2G



I have not yet tried this product but I am looking forward to it as well. This is a trial set packed in one beautiful package. It looks similar to Etude House sample package.

RM 139.90 for 160ML (skin toner)

RM139.90 for 160ML (Emulsion)


I also received a scrub bar! (Not in the product list)




I always thought this is similar to bio oil and I am quite right about it. Except I guess it is a little bit cheaper than Bio Oil. I received three sachets of Re-Gen oil but I haven’t use them just yet. I shall do once I am in need of some oil to put on my flaky feet. haha

RM29.90 for 75ML

RM45.90 for 125ML


If you would love to subscribe to MIVVA box every month, you can just do so at and subscribe to their packages now!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SALE–Do we need to buy?

sale sign

When ever there’s a SALE sign or BIG SALE or FURTHER MARKDOWN what would you feel and do? If you see those captivating sign and went into the stores just to see the markdown as just for a few ringgit / dollars? Do you feel cheated or you still think it is a great bargain? I used to be fooled by that big SALE sign before this. I am a very planned person. Even during shopping time, I planned what to buy and what not to buy. So by having this planned, I wont be buying some unnecessary stuff which I ended up not using.

I always got caught up when it was a sale from expensive brands like TopShop, Dorothy Perkins, Ted Baker because they do have come real SALE going on! I went to Ted Baker the other day and saw this bag which is okay to me but the price is seriously cheap for a brand like that. But, I still ended up not buying them as I believe I have way too many bags already. haha. Oh yes, also sales from H&M and Uniqlo are some of my favorite sale as well.

What about you? How is your shopping attitude? Hehe

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Ramadhan!


ramadhan anfaal card

To all my friends! Salam Ramadan to all.

You shall see some food posting soon on my blog and instagram! haha :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Unboxing : Vanity Trove Malaysia July


This month, Vanity Trove Malaysia has a collaboration with KOSE, one of the top Japan beauty brand! Once I opened up the Ta-Q-Bin package and saw a huge blue tag, stuck outside Vanity Trove box that says KOSE, Forever Radiant Forever You. I am very excited and I have never (but wanted!) to try KOSE products!

See all the photos above for all of the items that I received this month! Psst..not only KOSE items, I also received Jean Paul Gaultier EDT vial perfume and PAYOT Objective Zero Default! YAYNESS!

If you want to subscribe to Vanity Trove Malaysia, please visit

Thursday, July 4, 2013

BOTD–Favorite lip products



“ In2It Lasting Lipstick in Rose Dew, Loreal Caresse in Princess 801, Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart, Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava, Skin79 Lip balm, Princess Pinki “

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Running & Jogging & Walking

I am now actively doing jogging and running and outdoor activities with Irfan. We have to be in shape. We don’t know what is going to be happening next year and when it is happening but it is happening which is our wedding day. So, we have to stay healthy and in shape. I am out of shape since 2011 when I have stopped going to the slimming center in Damansara Utama so this is the time where I have to maintain my body and my stamina.

We have agreed to go jogging everyday except on Wednesday (my pasar malam day) and also Saturday. Other day, we will be at some jogging parks, probably at Taman Kiara. for starters, we don’t jog like mad. We do what we can do. Jog for 2 rounds, or jog and walk and jog and walk. Just have to get the sweat out. I am so into this jogging thing until I bought myself a running shoe. I am a very picky when it comes to sports / running shoe. I have to get the design that I love together with the colors that I love as well. Yes. That is quite important for me as if I hate the shoe, I wont be wearing it forever and what is the point of buying a shoe when I do not want to wear them. Only loco people do that.

It all started when we were at Bangsar Village, having lunch at Wondermama. After our lunch, we just wondering aroung BVII since we have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Then, I spotted this PUMA shop with SALE written all over it. My intention was to just take a look at the prices of the shoe but I ended up buying one. It was affordable, considered that I am a novice in jogging / running thing. So, I thought why not just buy any 30% running shoe (they have 10% as well) and just do jogging. I choose several colors that I adore but none of them has stock for my size (big foot!) So, I decided to get the straps ones instead of shoe lace running shoe. As I am that lazy, I thought my just having strap shoe could make me even more wanting to run / jog. HAHA. I ended up buying this color; black & turquoise. It was okay. I like the fact that it is black, so I could match it with any colors (yes, as a girl, that is important to me. even in wellness & fitness).


IMG_4935.JPG (2)

Yes I know. My shoe looks weird and not like a running shoe at all. But it is a running shoe and it is comfortable and I love the color scheme. So fashion-y! Haha. Besides, it is cheap. So I don’t need to feel guilty if I did not use it for a month. LOLX. :P No, I mean in this fasting month. As we are pretty busy to be with family with break fast and all that, I don’t think we could cope with running. I know I can but Irfan just cant. :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

iPad digitizer cracked experience.

Well, as most of you guys have known (if you read some of my facebook status and some pictures inside my instagram), I broke my iPad digitizer last Wednesday. Well, it was actually literally not my fault. The iPad just slips from it’s cover out of nowhere. Well, the cover is to be blame. :p

Thank God, my iPad still can be used. The LCD is working superbly even with those cracks on the side and some dent at the bottom of the ipad (very near to the headphone jack). I still can browse thru internet, play songs, games and all those things but the shattered glass just bother me way too much. It was serious ridiculous to play the iPad during this time. I can’t even say.

jumaat day 012jumaat day 011

It may look not that much but my heart still shattered from this. (although I just act cool). Irfan started to browse through the internet to find where I could send this for a repair. He found some shops in Pertama Complex and also in Subang. Both has different prices. The Subang charges RM350 and the pertama complex charges RM250.

Before we ended up going to Pertama Complex, on Sunday we did surveyed at e@curve iphone specialist shop (behind watsons), just to ask the price. I know it’ll going to be expensive and it is. RM600 for original parts (they claim it) was ridiculous. I could add another RM399 and get one new iPad mini. Not just their seller is quite unfriendly, it was just ridiculous. They have to revise the price, seriously! Well, ended up going to Pertama Complex.

First time going there, I have no idea where to send my iPad. We just wandering around and found the store named  WAP In Teleshop. They quoted RM150 for the digitizer and some dent repair blablabla all RM205. I added the screen protector for RM20. So all for only RM225! Yay! Cheap. Works like new and I love it. It has 1 month warranty not including cracks. It takes about 1 hour for them to finish repairing my iPad. so yay!

Now, I have my brand new iPad again! :)

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