Monday, July 1, 2013

iPad digitizer cracked experience.

Well, as most of you guys have known (if you read some of my facebook status and some pictures inside my instagram), I broke my iPad digitizer last Wednesday. Well, it was actually literally not my fault. The iPad just slips from it’s cover out of nowhere. Well, the cover is to be blame. :p

Thank God, my iPad still can be used. The LCD is working superbly even with those cracks on the side and some dent at the bottom of the ipad (very near to the headphone jack). I still can browse thru internet, play songs, games and all those things but the shattered glass just bother me way too much. It was serious ridiculous to play the iPad during this time. I can’t even say.

jumaat day 012jumaat day 011

It may look not that much but my heart still shattered from this. (although I just act cool). Irfan started to browse through the internet to find where I could send this for a repair. He found some shops in Pertama Complex and also in Subang. Both has different prices. The Subang charges RM350 and the pertama complex charges RM250.

Before we ended up going to Pertama Complex, on Sunday we did surveyed at e@curve iphone specialist shop (behind watsons), just to ask the price. I know it’ll going to be expensive and it is. RM600 for original parts (they claim it) was ridiculous. I could add another RM399 and get one new iPad mini. Not just their seller is quite unfriendly, it was just ridiculous. They have to revise the price, seriously! Well, ended up going to Pertama Complex.

First time going there, I have no idea where to send my iPad. We just wandering around and found the store named  WAP In Teleshop. They quoted RM150 for the digitizer and some dent repair blablabla all RM205. I added the screen protector for RM20. So all for only RM225! Yay! Cheap. Works like new and I love it. It has 1 month warranty not including cracks. It takes about 1 hour for them to finish repairing my iPad. so yay!

Now, I have my brand new iPad again! :)

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  1. Hi there, How do you rate the replacement screen? I am thinking of going to WAP in Teleshop to replace my ipad screen. I have heard some cheap screens may not be as sensitive, or in some cases, too sensitive that it starts clicking even without you touching the screen!


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