Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal Baby!

Well, like it or not I am going to do an entry regarding about this. If you think this is wasting your time I suggest you to get the heck away from this entry. I have no idea why do people just hate them. I mean, yes they were just a human being, giving birth to a baby. What’s that to cheer about here in Malaysia? Crack up your mind and you will find the answer or let me just help you with one. Imagine this is like your own child to be celebrated, and while your child is being born, someone in the Palestine is suffering from the war and so on. Will you still celebrate your new born child? Or just pretend that it’s nothing? Well, that’s not the best example that I could give as Kate Middleton is not even my family to begin with but she has been out there, reaching to her people with her good heart and very caring soul. That’s good enough for me to feel very close to her as my own big sister. She’s everybody big sister and a princess.

I am excited as hell to this royal baby. I love Kate Middleton. I like her style. I adore her. It’s something that you cannot compare with the people who dies in Iraq, Palestine or wherever. Well, people die. It’s how they died that matters. And we all can always fight for their rights anytime, anywhere, anyhow. You just don’t have to mention it to the whole wide world. It’s between you and Allah. If the news are relevant to be shared, I shared. That’s all. People can be so straight and ignorant. Some are even worst, arrogant. When they said they fight for Palestine but still drink alcohol which everybody knows is HARAM in Islam. What kind of a sorcery is that? Can you explain to me?

Well, going back to the royal baby news, as you know I love Kate Middleton and I have been following / stalking her ever since she got married. Haha. I stalk her fashion style, makeup, hair, walk and stand. Well, I can’t just copy all of that as I am not from a royal blood. But still, I think she is so poised. Love her to bits! So when the news comes up that she’s pregnant, I am utterly delightful!

I still love Malaysia as my beloved country. But if I were to choose the next place that I would live, I would choose Mecca. But then, the third place would be London, UK. I love their history, their culture, their royal culture and traditions. English people and customs has been the biggest changes in my life. I think, I am more customary to British than others from their language, clothing (the non revealing ones of course!), lifestyle and more. Like the Town Crier (video below) tradition.

How beautiful that they still has this kind of tradition which I believe in any parts of the world, has long gone? Here in Malaysia, we still practice some traditions when the royal family gave birth to a baby, I supposed. Our Agong / King is very important to us here in Malaysia.

If you would like to know more about the royal baby, just click on the CNN website. You can watch a couple of videos where Prince William carries the baby in a baby car seat and take the wheel, just like other ordinary people. :)

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