Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Running & Jogging & Walking

I am now actively doing jogging and running and outdoor activities with Irfan. We have to be in shape. We don’t know what is going to be happening next year and when it is happening but it is happening which is our wedding day. So, we have to stay healthy and in shape. I am out of shape since 2011 when I have stopped going to the slimming center in Damansara Utama so this is the time where I have to maintain my body and my stamina.

We have agreed to go jogging everyday except on Wednesday (my pasar malam day) and also Saturday. Other day, we will be at some jogging parks, probably at Taman Kiara. for starters, we don’t jog like mad. We do what we can do. Jog for 2 rounds, or jog and walk and jog and walk. Just have to get the sweat out. I am so into this jogging thing until I bought myself a running shoe. I am a very picky when it comes to sports / running shoe. I have to get the design that I love together with the colors that I love as well. Yes. That is quite important for me as if I hate the shoe, I wont be wearing it forever and what is the point of buying a shoe when I do not want to wear them. Only loco people do that.

It all started when we were at Bangsar Village, having lunch at Wondermama. After our lunch, we just wondering aroung BVII since we have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Then, I spotted this PUMA shop with SALE written all over it. My intention was to just take a look at the prices of the shoe but I ended up buying one. It was affordable, considered that I am a novice in jogging / running thing. So, I thought why not just buy any 30% running shoe (they have 10% as well) and just do jogging. I choose several colors that I adore but none of them has stock for my size (big foot!) So, I decided to get the straps ones instead of shoe lace running shoe. As I am that lazy, I thought my just having strap shoe could make me even more wanting to run / jog. HAHA. I ended up buying this color; black & turquoise. It was okay. I like the fact that it is black, so I could match it with any colors (yes, as a girl, that is important to me. even in wellness & fitness).


IMG_4935.JPG (2)

Yes I know. My shoe looks weird and not like a running shoe at all. But it is a running shoe and it is comfortable and I love the color scheme. So fashion-y! Haha. Besides, it is cheap. So I don’t need to feel guilty if I did not use it for a month. LOLX. :P No, I mean in this fasting month. As we are pretty busy to be with family with break fast and all that, I don’t think we could cope with running. I know I can but Irfan just cant. :)

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