Monday, July 22, 2013


Somewhere, somehow I think that we could just make ourselves a little note each day to say that we choose to be something today. To motivate ourselves. Lack of motivation is like, lacking of life. I have always motivate myself using my own methods, by buying new stuffs! haha. Well, shopping is one of them. If I am looking for a less money using motivation treatment, I will just sing. Pick my latest favorite song and sing out loud (well, I could not sing out loud if I am at home so by just humming it still would be okay).


Apart from shopping, meeting with friends is also something that I would love to do if I do have the free time. Most of my friends including myself is busy every single day. We just have to find the right date to go out and have fun just us girlfriends. Or maybe have a chit chat with my cousins would also be great. I am an outdoor person. I enjoy meeting people and making new friends be it female or male or “inbetweeners”. I don’t choose who can become my friends. I am not a person who will only make friends with certain people. I enjoy talking if the person that I am talking to can take my jokes and trash words. Haha. Cause I can sometimes be very aggressive towards using my words. If you can stand me, I welcome you to be my friend.

I love hanging out, talking and just socializing without needed to be at pubs, clubs and so on as I do not drink. Never in my life that I would drink those alcoholic beverages. Well, hope that one day my social skills could develop little by little. :)

How was your fasting days so far? Have you gotten your Baju Raya already? I have one tho now and I might be needing another one next month. But I am still searching for shoes to go with my baju raya. Shopping time again? ;)

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