Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Lilac Box : Decleor Unboxing Party

As you might know (if you follow me on instagram / twitter / facebook), went to Decleor unboxing party organized by The Lilac Box last week Saturday on the 13th July 2013. It was my first experience going to an event as such, alone without knowing anyone at the event. But I manage to talk to some bunch of cool and nice woman around that day. Awesome to the max!

Upon arriving at the event room, I registered myself by saying my name (surprisingly my name is placed at No.2!) and the girl told me that I am one of the lucky winner to win the candle! I was like, really? Haha. I never win anything before. I am such a bad luck when it comes to winning things, lucky draws..oh such a no no for me. Haha. I do actually know there’ll be some winner winning the expensive candle by Decleor but I totally forgot about it days before the event. haha. Well, thank you The Lilac Box for choosing me to be one of the lucky winner. I believe there were two of the lucky ones, me and another lovely person sat just 2 seats beside me. Haha. I don’t really know how do they choose the winner, though.

The event started after all the participants have arrived and have done some of the activities before the unboxing. The activities were some puzzle games, smell test, hydration test and also skin test. I did not do the hydration test as I came quite late (around 3PM) and only manage to do the other three activities. On the skin test, I was being shown onto a pamphlet, the Decleor products that might be suitable for me to use according to my skin character.


* See the lady in green? She was one of the candle winner as well! *

Before the unboxing ever begins, there were some speeches from Chuang Yik (Co-Founder of The Lilac Box Sdn Bhd), followed by Adrian Chee (Assistant Sales Manager, Salon Professional Associates Sdn Bhd) and followed by another representative from Salon Professional Associates. Then, Decleor trainer comes up and gave an introduction about aromatherapy. It was a great informative slides and moment as before this, I only thought Aromatherapy was just about smelling nice things like candle and oils. It was way beyond that.


* Some of the slides on aromatherapy, BB cream & CC creams *

So, the unboxing begins! I was so shocked to see a lot of products inside this box. All Decleor products. I was trying to compare the products on the pamphlet (the ones that was being recommended to me) but I could not found any suitable matching. Haha. Well, no worries I still love the ones that I have got in my box! Yayness! Then, the demo of the products begins! We have to put on the hairbands and towels so that we wont get wet. This is the exciting part!


* The products that I received! *

Overall, I am happy with what I have went through that day. It was an experience that I shall never forget. I will try to attend these kind of events again soon in the future. I love things like this. Getting stuffs and friends as well. Oh yes, right after the unboxing event, we all went to Decleor shop in MidValley. Remember when I said that there were activities before the unboxing starts? Well, each activites requires us to collect a stamp. The first one would be the LIKE Decleor Facebook page, second was the puzzle, third was the hydration or skin test, fourth one is the smell test and the last one would be the Decleor shop tour. Well, I got all 5 of the stamps and I would redeem a RM50 voucher to purchase Decleor items. I was broke that day so I ended up not buying anything at all. Burn RM50. :( It only could be use on that day only. T_T

Anyway, it was a fun day for me. Thank you The Lilac Box, Decleor and Salon Professional Associates for having this event. I hope in the future there’ll be more events like this and I shall be there! Happy me!

To know more about The Lila Box : http://www.thelilacbox.com or visit their Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/thelilacbox?fref=ts


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