Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What makes a sexy man?

My boyfriend always ask me, how do woman rate sexiness in man? I have no idea how to answer him as I did not rate sexiness as appearance that much. Sometimes, who ever looks good on my boyfriend’s eyes, will not look good to my eyes. Haha. What makes a man is a sexy man?

I believe us woman, we do not focus on only one criteria. As what man always say, woman is unpredictable. Even in choosing their own male partner. Unlike man, they tend to choose woman who looks good through their eyes, having some extra in certain parts are a bonus. So, we know when a man keeps on staring a woman with shorts, sleeveless shirts long hair, beautiful framed face, we know they like them although in their mouth they denied it. It’s a trick for them to take a second,third look towards that woman. It’s their tactic. I know and I have learn a lot of things. Haha.

But what about us? What do we find in men? I don’t know. Maybe not their appearance that much, we look more onto their inner strength. How do they treat us. Having a nice face and body for us is a bonus. Without them, it is fine. So we cannot judge a man without knowing their traits first. Even if he comes in a really good quality outer package, the inner part is very important to us as well. And that what makes a man sexy! :)

There, my honest answer.

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