Saturday, August 31, 2013

Random post & Merdeka Wish!


Who did agree with me please raise your hands up. So that I could see that somewhere somehow, people do really care about me. ;)


tiger save

* Poor albino tiger *

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to say..

Happy Independence Day



friday 012

Friday, August 30, 2013

Food Porn : PizzaArt Malaysia Menu

friday 007friday 006

Let me recommend you one pizza which have been declared as my favorite pizza ever! Which is the Dessert Pizza Blurberry! SOOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!

friday 007

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

YouTube Slang–Shipping

shippingIf you are always on YouTube and could not relate some of the words that they are saying, I know..I have been in that kind of situation before as well. The words sounds so right but in a wrong sentence I should say. The one that I am discussing today with you is Shipped / shipping. No, it does not mean that you are going to be shipped to some place or you are on a cruise ship going to somewhere.

It means that you are being put on (or in) a relationSHIP. See the word SHIP in relation-SHIP? That means if someone is Shipping you with someone else, meaning that they are trying to connect you with that person and see if any relationship happens. Sometimes, it did worked! In other words, match-making. :) Now you can undertand what shipping means in the YouTuber world. One successful shipping that I have seen is Zalfie, Zoe & Alfie. They were so damn cute together! You can check Zoella’s blog post here about Zalfie. Her being shipped with Alfie, which is also a YouTuber as well.

YouTube world means a lot to me now. I am part of it and I just can’t let it go. I love my YouTube world and experience and I will be doing it forever. :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bajet 2014

It’s nearly been a near since the last Bajet 2013 had been introduced. This year our Prime Minister are still getting all the ideas on how to help the rakyat by asking directly the inputs from us. What are you waiting for, let him choose and help him gather some ideas on what we want. You may not want to miss this chance ever again. I have contributed two ideas so far under healthcare and cost of livings. What say you?

You can go to this website to dump all your ideas that you have kept so far since last year, to let our dearly PM knows what you want. He may or may not read it all but at least we have tried to express what we want from our country so that we could contribute back.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Food Porn : Blueberry Pizza


Are you bored on those meaty pizza? It’s time for you to switch on to the dessert pizza instead! This picture above is actually a delicious dessert pizza from Pizza Art Malaysia at Rasta TTDI.

Blueberry Pizza I guess was the name. The crust is just thin and perfect and crunchy. The toppings were blueberry jams and also some blueberry fruits and also some cheese patches. All those combination is just simply ah-may-zing. You can eat at their eating place or you can also order their pizza and eat at Rasta / Coffee hut. No restrictions! Love it! One whole medium blueberry pizza cost RM16. And you can eat it on the wooden pizza plate just like above!

The other dessert pizza that they have is apple pizza. It’s as delicious as the blueberry ones but me and Irfan love this blueberry even more! haha. :)

Visit their facebook page here : PIZZA ART MALAYSIA

Thursday, August 22, 2013

BOTD Simple steps : BIG LASHES!

Hello girls! In this entry I would love to share with you on how to get big and volumized eye lashes! I got this tip from Style Suzi, one of the beauty guru on YouTube that I absolutely adore. She’s the same age as me and she’ll be getting married next year which would probably be the same year as mine as well (In Sha Allah~)

So here it comes!


tightline 2

(Pictures credited to theeverydaybeauty)

curl lash


(Pictures credited to wikihow)


mascara time

(Pictures credited to magforwomen)

YAY! Only 3 simple steps. But the 1st step is the most crucial. You most probably use gel liners instead of a pencil liner just to get that black effect onto your upper lashes. If surely works for me since I did it for the past days and now I am sharing it with you guys out there. No need some fancy tools, although if you did own a Shu Uemura eyelash curler it’d be great! :P


Look at my blur face here.


Thank you for reading my blog post!

See you soon! :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday post (A little too late)

Hello all. As you might know already, August is the month of my birthday! I celebrated my birthday on my birth date with my boyfriend, Irfan and my lovely cousin, Fira. We had fun! Obviously, it was still Ramadahan that day and some more, it was a workday, we tend to celebrate my birthday after Iftar. But I was on a half day leave as I have to renew my driving license and went to Dr. Aman for an ear check up and I was at first only thinking about buying some cupcakes for me, Irfan and cousin to eat.

We went to Wondermilk+ at Publika after renewing my license and at first I was going to grab just some few cupcakes. But then, my boyfriend saw the LOLA cakes on display so we asked the cashier if it’s somebody else's cake or is it like pre baked for people to purchase. He told us that it is ready for purchase and not a booking order cake. So, I was happy to even have a birthday cake. I don’t blame Irfan or even my parents as it was still Ramadhan and it’s hard to plan a party when it’s Ramadhan. So, I just purchase myself a cake with 50/50 payments from my boyfriend. So, I could consider that the birthday cake itself is a birthday present from my him too. Haha. The best part is that, my birthday cake was inspired by Despicable Me minions! HAHA.

raya 007

We had our Iftar that day at Pizza Art. I like it there as it is an open space restaurant where you could have a cozy eating. Besides, it was RM25 for an Iftar buffet so why not just go there and eat and have fun ey? Since this was our nearly 3rd time eating at Pizza Art, the owner and his wife knew us so we gave them some slices of cakes and they repay back to me by firing up a fire work. haha. Such a sweet small celebration. My cousin gave me a set of macaroons from Chocolate World. :) Thank you!!

raya 006

What do Irfan gave me as presents? Well, I will take a picture and let you know here. :)

What is this?

Dear all animal lovers. Watch this video and rate for yourself. Should we even give credits to this resort for being so abusive to the animals there? I salute Astro Awani for doing this. I will boycott this resort forever. Animals should not be treated this way. I am really angry when things like this happen.

Please watch this video and share it in your Facebook, twitter, anywhere that you could. Please, animals are not soul less. They have feelings. They can feel pain, happy, excited, love, sick just like us. The only thing that they cannot do is think and talk. They cannot communicate directly to us. They cannot say that they are in pain. They can just show gesture and sympathy. I need you, my friends to share and let everybody aware of this video and this resort.

Do not support them if they still treat animals this way. I think, I should be the ministry of animals and wildlife. haha. If they have one.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BOTD–Lorac Pro Palette


Lorac pro palette

(Picture credited to

Hello all! This is also can be considered as my Wishlist item as well as I really like this palette. As an eye shadow lover, I know people would compare this palette with the overrated Urban Decay Naked Palette but I don’t think I’d just stop my eye shadow collection just at the Naked Palette. I am so going to purchase more eye palette in the future. I love to experiment and to test out all the great pigmented eye shadow palette as I love to play with eye shadow colors. ;)

I did watched some reviews on YouTube about this LORAC PRO PALETTE and every person who gives out their review just say that it’s their favorite palette ever. I think it’s a little cheaper than Naked Palette and has more eye shadows as well. The pigmentation is crazy and the colors were just pretty! My favorite color would be Garnet & Deep Purple. It has 8 matte colors which is on the top row and 8 shimmer colors on the bottom rows. Such a nice way to place the shadows to make it easy for people like us to see the color combinations and all.

I shall be getting this palette and do my own review on it. :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Beauty Box Dilemma

Hello girls, I have this dilemma right now. Actually, I have been having the same dilemma since March. In March, I have unsubscribe to one beauty box in Malaysia as I think I wont be needing the same facial products that I received from other beauty box. I do believe that if I subscribe to only maximum 2 beauty boxes it’d be enough for me to full up my vanity trove boxes with little samples of facial washes, toners and creams.

Well, the concept of beauty box is very new to Malaysia. It is only being introduce one year ago (If I am not mistaken) and since then, it grows like mushrooms! Before this, all the Malaysian beauty gurus can do is just to watch videos on the US beauty gurus, doing their famously unboxing video of their own beauty boxes, and to just have that feeling of excitement together with the box owner. Now, we can anticipate that as well.

The difference between Malaysian beauty boxes and USA or even the UK beauty boxes are way too much. The overseas beauty boxes are pretty much like a make up boxes to me. The amount of them receiving a facial items are just kind of low at the present moment. Yes, they do received them sometimes but not all the time. Overly jealous! Not only Malaysian is a little bit slow when it comes to make up items, we are just developing on the beauty box as well and I do hope that I could actually still subscribe to some beauty box just for the content that they claim to have.

Just view the pictures below. Both are from Ipsy & Glossybox. *Feeling jealous*


ipsy edit

(Pictures credited to ramblingsofasuburbanmom)

glossybox edit

(Pictures credited to essiebutton & puritybeauty)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wishlist September–December 2013


(Picture credited to


I really really do wanted to try these brushes for a longest time but it is expensive! I found someone sell it on ebay for an affordable price. Maybe I’ll be getting them through Ebay but not at this near future. I want to try ALL of her brushes as I heard a lot of really superbly good reviews on this brand. My favorite gurus like StyleSuzi and also Zoella are using them as well and they have been raving about these brushes a lot!

Etude House BB Cream 6-2-1600x1600

(Picture credited to


A product that my own friend is using, and she looks good in it and now I want to test it out as well. She has been using them since last year. I have been reading and reviewing some reviews on these BB Creams and so far have seen and read a lot of positive feedbacks from the user. That makes me want to try these product even more! It is kind of expensive for a bb cream but I know that when I buy bb cream, I don’t let it go to waste. It’ll use wisely and it think for me as a non regular foundation / bb cream user, I’ll last me a long time!



(Picture credited to


As a HUGE fan of eye shadow, I really wanted to try this palette out! I don’t really know if we do have it in Sephora (Do we?), hope so they do. I just cant remember. Well, this palette has such a nice color combination which I think could make me create a whole lot of eye shadow colors. Loving the dark colors and the bright as well. I think this would be one hell of an expensive color if I could spot my hands of it. Well, I have to check the price.


IMG_3648 amarixe

(picture credited to


Yes. Eye shadow freak, I am! I know this is from the last season, in the year 2012 but I still want to have those! Look at the colors! So me! Love the green, the champagne color! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! No words can describe my feelings once I have my hands on these. I WANT THEM! *searching on Ebay now!* :P

Saturday, August 17, 2013









Makeup by Me!



Hello all! This is my first blogitorial! haha. Well, not so much like Sabrina’s tutorial on the Eid Ul Fitr Day Look, but for starters, I think I know how to play around with this now. Well, it is not as simple as making a video and showing it to you all but it it quite fun! I actually have a video tutorial on this look so if you cannot understand what the heck did I just do, then just check out the video tutorial once it is being upload on YouTube.

At the meantime, I am loving my Naked Basics palette at the moment and are playing with the palette every single day now. HAHA :P

Friday, August 16, 2013

Youtubers Unite!

love 022

Yesterday was the day where Malaysian YouTubers beauty gurus (beauty ke aku ni?) unite at Coffee Hut, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. It’s our first time ever meeting up with each other (except for Kak Nurul & Farisha, they have met before at the Spa Party) and it’s like we have been friends since, forever! Love them all to bits! It was the best night ever in my life with new friends so far! YAY! Picture above was taken before Tyena arrived, to be send to Izzati via Whatsapp. Then Izzati replied back to us by sending such a funny picture of hers! haha. :P

We had fun! Loads of fun! everybody was wild and free and happy! I love these energy! I cannot wait for our second meet up soon I guess. We were overwhelmed by Tyena’s Bath & Body Works Sanitizers, Dancing Water which smells so dam good! I shall get mine soon! :P We also talked about other youtubers such as blogilates and vloggers too!


We miss our other two bloggers/youtubers, Sabrina & Izzati! Next time, all of us have to be there at the meet up. Rugi tau! :)) But sometimes, things happened and we cannot avoid them. No worry, we still took vlogs (kak nurul) and pictures. Sorry I look like a makcik in the above picture. haha. It was HOT and havoc at the same time!! We all ate our dinner and the laaaaaaaast person to finish was Erieqa.Haha. :P

Check out my friends youtube channel!

Jannah :

Kak Nurul :

Farisha :

Tyena :

Erieqa :

Izzati :

Sabrina :

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BOTD–Naked Basics

DSC08203DSC08205 editDSC08204 editDSC08206 edit

I have been planning to purchase this palette for sometime. I always wanted one but still in a thinking mode as I have the other two naked palettes, do I really need this one again? Of course the colors are similar to the other two but yet so different! Yesterday, I went to Sephora in Paradigm Mall and I just straight away purchase this little ones.

I was torn between buying it or not before this as I think this would be another boring colors for me and my skin tone. I also want to purchase it as I thought it would be a great palette for me to bring when I am not at home as I will be travelling a lot this year and of course next year. This one palette alone could produce such nice mid toned brownish, naked-ish makeup plus, it is also could become an eyebrow powder and also highlighter! All in one palette which priced at RM98.00 in Sephora. It is quite pricey but for long term investment, I just bought them. More so, I still have my Sephora RM20 voucher that I received from last year’s Christmas Shopping that I did from Sephora. So I used them all for this Palette and also another thing that I bought which was the Naked Blemish Balm Cream in Travel Size. I shall do another entry for that particular item. ;)

As you can see from the swatches above, all of the colors do shown up on my skin tone which is great! My favorite color would be NAKED2 as it is more of a taupe brown color. Oh so gorgeous! This palette consists of 5 matte colors and one silky satiny color which is Verve. Verve is a very good highlighting color as it is purely white satiny finish shadow! I used to love  Virgin from the Naked palette (I still do now!) for my highlighting colors, but this one is pretty neat too!

If you are still thinking on purchasing this palette, think deep. I don’t think most of the people would love the colors above. I think about practicality. Travelling and all, this is one hell of a very useful palette for me. I can even drop these in my handbag for everyday makeup emergency!  The only thing that’s missing are the brushes though.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BOTD : Mivva Box August (Flower Power)

mivva august 1

Up : Enuca Royal Shine Lip Gloss, TSUBAKI Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioner

Beloq : i-Gel aire refreshing drops 10ml (RM18.80), Dermedex Refining cream 2 Challenge Pack

mivva august 2

Up : F cup cookies, Di Palomo Orange Blossom with Wild Honey & Olive Hand & Body Lotion

Below : Shills Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set, Magnolia clothes perfume


Hello everybody! Another MIVVA box for this month! It’s August and today is actually my birthday! HAHA. MIVVA box comes in at the right time and date! Few days before Hari Raya and the right date for my birthday! This month’s box smells really really really GOOD! I love it! And it has a lot of products as well. Mainly beauty facial products. I am yet still trying to find a makeup box and not so much on the beauty box. Well, maybe makeup in Malaysia is quite expensive and they do not have any sample size available.

I do love some high end brands sample sizes as well such as SKII (Well, that’s expensive! haha) and also some other facial brands. But this is just nice for me, for the budget that I am paying. I am satisfied!

If you want to know more or if you would like to subscribe to Mivva box, you are welcome to do so by clicking on this LINK

Friday, August 2, 2013

Food Porn : Pizza Art @ Rasta TTDI

Ramadhan will end soon. If you are still looking for a nice buffet to eat with a very reasonable price, and if you love eating pastas and pizzas and some other Arabian foods, visit Pizza Art at Rasta TTDI today! You wont belief your taste buds once you have taste the best pizzas and delicious pastas in town! All you can eat buffet for just RM25!! No Plus Plus!

Pizza Art

Since their first opening in 27th July 2013, today they had the most bookings ever! All fully booked for booking seats and only walk ins available. Thank God we did manage to get a table just now. It was just some support that we want to show to your friend who owns Rasta TTDI and of course to taste the foods as well. :) To my surprise, they actually have a lot of kind of sauce and the pizza is freshly cooked! Interesting much, they also served the best homemade pizza pie in town in two flavors, blackberry & apple!

If you want to know more about Pizza Art, apparently the chef is a very well known celebrity chef from “Habibi in the kitchen” , Chef Khalil Rashwan. An Egyptian who has a very well known and successful restaurant in the USA and now you can have the taste of his delicious delicacies in Malaysia!

If there is any improvements needed, maybe they could have some mushroom soups or tomato soups for appetizer and some cut fruits as well for digestions. Others, SUPERB!

Follow Pizza Art Facebook Page now to know their latest news!


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