Monday, August 19, 2013

Beauty Box Dilemma

Hello girls, I have this dilemma right now. Actually, I have been having the same dilemma since March. In March, I have unsubscribe to one beauty box in Malaysia as I think I wont be needing the same facial products that I received from other beauty box. I do believe that if I subscribe to only maximum 2 beauty boxes it’d be enough for me to full up my vanity trove boxes with little samples of facial washes, toners and creams.

Well, the concept of beauty box is very new to Malaysia. It is only being introduce one year ago (If I am not mistaken) and since then, it grows like mushrooms! Before this, all the Malaysian beauty gurus can do is just to watch videos on the US beauty gurus, doing their famously unboxing video of their own beauty boxes, and to just have that feeling of excitement together with the box owner. Now, we can anticipate that as well.

The difference between Malaysian beauty boxes and USA or even the UK beauty boxes are way too much. The overseas beauty boxes are pretty much like a make up boxes to me. The amount of them receiving a facial items are just kind of low at the present moment. Yes, they do received them sometimes but not all the time. Overly jealous! Not only Malaysian is a little bit slow when it comes to make up items, we are just developing on the beauty box as well and I do hope that I could actually still subscribe to some beauty box just for the content that they claim to have.

Just view the pictures below. Both are from Ipsy & Glossybox. *Feeling jealous*


ipsy edit

(Pictures credited to ramblingsofasuburbanmom)

glossybox edit

(Pictures credited to essiebutton & puritybeauty)

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