Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday post (A little too late)

Hello all. As you might know already, August is the month of my birthday! I celebrated my birthday on my birth date with my boyfriend, Irfan and my lovely cousin, Fira. We had fun! Obviously, it was still Ramadahan that day and some more, it was a workday, we tend to celebrate my birthday after Iftar. But I was on a half day leave as I have to renew my driving license and went to Dr. Aman for an ear check up and I was at first only thinking about buying some cupcakes for me, Irfan and cousin to eat.

We went to Wondermilk+ at Publika after renewing my license and at first I was going to grab just some few cupcakes. But then, my boyfriend saw the LOLA cakes on display so we asked the cashier if it’s somebody else's cake or is it like pre baked for people to purchase. He told us that it is ready for purchase and not a booking order cake. So, I was happy to even have a birthday cake. I don’t blame Irfan or even my parents as it was still Ramadhan and it’s hard to plan a party when it’s Ramadhan. So, I just purchase myself a cake with 50/50 payments from my boyfriend. So, I could consider that the birthday cake itself is a birthday present from my him too. Haha. The best part is that, my birthday cake was inspired by Despicable Me minions! HAHA.

raya 007

We had our Iftar that day at Pizza Art. I like it there as it is an open space restaurant where you could have a cozy eating. Besides, it was RM25 for an Iftar buffet so why not just go there and eat and have fun ey? Since this was our nearly 3rd time eating at Pizza Art, the owner and his wife knew us so we gave them some slices of cakes and they repay back to me by firing up a fire work. haha. Such a sweet small celebration. My cousin gave me a set of macaroons from Chocolate World. :) Thank you!!

raya 006

What do Irfan gave me as presents? Well, I will take a picture and let you know here. :)

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