Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BOTD–Naked Basics

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I have been planning to purchase this palette for sometime. I always wanted one but still in a thinking mode as I have the other two naked palettes, do I really need this one again? Of course the colors are similar to the other two but yet so different! Yesterday, I went to Sephora in Paradigm Mall and I just straight away purchase this little ones.

I was torn between buying it or not before this as I think this would be another boring colors for me and my skin tone. I also want to purchase it as I thought it would be a great palette for me to bring when I am not at home as I will be travelling a lot this year and of course next year. This one palette alone could produce such nice mid toned brownish, naked-ish makeup plus, it is also could become an eyebrow powder and also highlighter! All in one palette which priced at RM98.00 in Sephora. It is quite pricey but for long term investment, I just bought them. More so, I still have my Sephora RM20 voucher that I received from last year’s Christmas Shopping that I did from Sephora. So I used them all for this Palette and also another thing that I bought which was the Naked Blemish Balm Cream in Travel Size. I shall do another entry for that particular item. ;)

As you can see from the swatches above, all of the colors do shown up on my skin tone which is great! My favorite color would be NAKED2 as it is more of a taupe brown color. Oh so gorgeous! This palette consists of 5 matte colors and one silky satiny color which is Verve. Verve is a very good highlighting color as it is purely white satiny finish shadow! I used to love  Virgin from the Naked palette (I still do now!) for my highlighting colors, but this one is pretty neat too!

If you are still thinking on purchasing this palette, think deep. I don’t think most of the people would love the colors above. I think about practicality. Travelling and all, this is one hell of a very useful palette for me. I can even drop these in my handbag for everyday makeup emergency!  The only thing that’s missing are the brushes though.

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