Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What is this?

Dear all animal lovers. Watch this video and rate for yourself. Should we even give credits to this resort for being so abusive to the animals there? I salute Astro Awani for doing this. I will boycott this resort forever. Animals should not be treated this way. I am really angry when things like this happen.

Please watch this video and share it in your Facebook, twitter, anywhere that you could. Please, animals are not soul less. They have feelings. They can feel pain, happy, excited, love, sick just like us. The only thing that they cannot do is think and talk. They cannot communicate directly to us. They cannot say that they are in pain. They can just show gesture and sympathy. I need you, my friends to share and let everybody aware of this video and this resort.

Do not support them if they still treat animals this way. I think, I should be the ministry of animals and wildlife. haha. If they have one.

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