Friday, August 16, 2013

Youtubers Unite!

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Yesterday was the day where Malaysian YouTubers beauty gurus (beauty ke aku ni?) unite at Coffee Hut, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. It’s our first time ever meeting up with each other (except for Kak Nurul & Farisha, they have met before at the Spa Party) and it’s like we have been friends since, forever! Love them all to bits! It was the best night ever in my life with new friends so far! YAY! Picture above was taken before Tyena arrived, to be send to Izzati via Whatsapp. Then Izzati replied back to us by sending such a funny picture of hers! haha. :P

We had fun! Loads of fun! everybody was wild and free and happy! I love these energy! I cannot wait for our second meet up soon I guess. We were overwhelmed by Tyena’s Bath & Body Works Sanitizers, Dancing Water which smells so dam good! I shall get mine soon! :P We also talked about other youtubers such as blogilates and vloggers too!


We miss our other two bloggers/youtubers, Sabrina & Izzati! Next time, all of us have to be there at the meet up. Rugi tau! :)) But sometimes, things happened and we cannot avoid them. No worry, we still took vlogs (kak nurul) and pictures. Sorry I look like a makcik in the above picture. haha. It was HOT and havoc at the same time!! We all ate our dinner and the laaaaaaaast person to finish was Erieqa.Haha. :P

Check out my friends youtube channel!

Jannah :

Kak Nurul :

Farisha :

Tyena :

Erieqa :

Izzati :

Sabrina :

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