Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beauty Review : Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask

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Hello everyone! Hope that you are having a nice week this week. It’s already Thursday today and very nearly to the long waiting weekend! yay! It’s 16th September this upcoming Monday so it’ll be a long weekend for the Malaysian! Hope that you have already planned your weekend ahead of time. :)

In this entry I would like to share with you one incredible sleeping mask. As you can see from the above picture, it is from Aupres. I know some of you might never heard about this brand before and this might be the first time ever you heard about it. Fret not, I am also like that when it comes to some special skin care. If I am not mistaken, Aupres is made in China although the name of the brand comes from a French word meaning “Next to you” or “Closer to you”. I received this active sleeping mask from MIVVA box (you might know now how much I love this box subscription!) a while ago and recently I got the chance to use them.

This is how it looks like. It’s sort of like a watery gel like with little white dots in it. I am pretty sure that the little dots are actually “potent nutrients” and it will dissolve once we blend it out.

This is a great mask if you have dry patches on your face and you would want to let it go the next day. I used this mask with dry patches on my face (underneath my eyes and on the side of my nose) and the dry patches is just gone the next morning! I was so surprise that it worked really well and fast! Super fast if I could say! And did I tell you the smell of this mask is so incredible!?! It has that high end skin care scent which I know everyone will love.

The mask is sticky once you put it on but after a while, the gel will sink into your face and you will feel nothing. You wake up with a very nice smooth and soft skin on the next day! :)


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