Friday, September 13, 2013

BOTD : Bedak Batu Cina (Chinese Stone Poweder?)


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If you have seen the above picture, Bedak Batu Cina is one of my fave powder now. I just love how fine the texture is and it can actually makes your skin to become whiter and fairer. I just recently use this powder and if you have dry skin, I suggest you to not to wear this powder as it is quite drying. I love the fine texture. It can be your foundation as well and that’s what I love about this bedak batu. It’s classic, my late great grandmother used this as well (as per what my mom told me) and she does have fair skin from what I can remember.

This is not some kind of a powder where you can get it easily at the drugstore. I encounter this powder in a shop at Bandar Sri Serdang. Whenever I am there, I shall buy some to keep it in my stocks. It is not as popular as the other face powder by johnsons & johnsons. It’s very powdery and you just have to be careful when you open up the lid. The powder tends to fly everywhere but since the powder is very fne, one blow away it’ll go. :)

People said, the harder for you to get the item the more love you give it to them. Yes. I don’t really use this powder everyday as I am not going to be in Serdang every single week. Oh yes before I forgot, they also have in a pink tub as well and the powder is pink color! YAY! My bestie from the USA might like it. ;) It’s cheap and I know very classic! Only less than RM3 for this one tub. I cannot remember the exact price but it is cheap. Very cheap than the other compact powders.

It’s not wrong to use affordable products. This is reliable. It has been used since more than 30 years ago. My grandmother and great grand mother is an avid user of this powder when they were young. It’s classic and timeless. If you have the chance to grab this powder, please do so. You’ll know how much money you have wasted on face powder before this and you’ll love this one for sure!

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* Happy Friday ! *

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