Saturday, September 14, 2013

BOTD : IGEL Magic Gold Iris Enhancement Lens



Hello SATURDAY and hello to IGEL Magic Gold Iris Enhancement Lens! I received this pretty golden lens from the Mivva box (I have done a blog post about the amazing September 2014 MIVVA box here) and I just can’t wait to try them out! I am also a slightly sucker for a circle lens and seeing this one pops out out my Mivva box makes me get all excited and happy! I tried to search about the brand as I have never heard about it before but the Google search just transfers me to a wrong page. All I know is that Malaya  Optical do sell Igel lenses but I am not quite sure if that’s the prescriptions or just the color lenses like this. I am not really sure too regarding about the price (as I am typing this without the product description card, will update soon!) but I believe it it worth more than RM50! Mine is in the power of 0-0 so I am just happy!



To me, this lens is quite big but very easy to put in. If you are a beginner in applying eye lenses, you might have a little bit difficulties as the diameter of the lens is quite big which is 14.0. I do have a 16.0 diameter lens which I L.O.V.E so 14.0 is just the perfect size for my eye. Don’t go to big as it will make your eyes look weird and soooooo fake! The lens has gold rings with black limbal and pupil rings which will make your iris looks slightly bigger. Tips, if you are looking for a lens that could make your eye lens bigger, try to search for a thicker limbal ring which is the most outer ring of the lens.

It does make my eyes looks weird as the gold color is very very gold and not like a light gold tone. Even one of my office mate says that my eyes looks scary when I have this on. Haha. I could not blame her, I do think so I look scary! haha! This lens dries quite fast, I wore it at around 9am and around 11am it starts to dry. I have to take it off during lunch time as it hurts my eye a lot because of the dryness. :(

Well, maybe I do have a love and hate relationship with this lens. So, what did you get inside your MIVVA box for lenses? I can see others have some cool colors as well! Do let me know ;)

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