Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BOTD : Sephora White Card Birthday Present!

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There is nothing much more happier than to received an email from Sephora saying Happy Birthday with a redeemable coupon of their small palette! I know, my birthday are one month ago but still I just got to redeem this little palette yesterday as it was not in stock when I tried to redeem it before this. ;) If you are a SEPHORA WHITE CARD holder, you might receive this as your birthday present from Sephora (if your birthday is in these 3 upcoming months!) So watch out for the emails from Sephora team!

sephora gift

As you can see, the size of this palette is so small and cute! It’s so convenience to bring these sizes of palette that contains 4 eye shadows, 2 lip glosses and one blusher inside your handbag everyday. You can just apply makeup using your fingers if you thought of not bringing any brushes with you. I love the concept of mixed palette like this and would love if Sephora could sell other colors as well! :)

eyeshadow blusher

Lets go into the swatches and the quality of the products shall we? As expected, I am not a fan of Sephora’s eye shadow that much as I have swatch a couple of them before and it was not pigmented and quite chalky and these turns out to be similar to what I have swatch before this. It looks so nice on the palette, looks so promising but I guess the only color that are okay with me is the Coffee Brown NO8. Others are just –MEH. The texture of the shadow is kind of chalky and not pigmented at all. The one that you see above on the picture, I have to applied few layers of the eye shadow to make it stand out. Kind of sad when things like this happened. It’s from Sephora for God’s sake. T_T Although it is not that pigmented, it is buildable. If you like shadows that are buildable each layers, this is the perfect one for you.

On the right left collage if the lip shine and also blusher swatches. This is not disappointing at all! I love the Rouge Shine 30 as the color is very very nice! It’s a nice pink / coral color that just lovely. I have not had this on my lips before so I don’t know the sticky-ness but I will update here (             ) if I have already tested it out. The blusher just does not shows up on my skin as the color is very very very light but it is buildable so don’t worry! But I do hope that you could see the blusher tho. ;)

star 3

Overall, I give this palette a 3 star rating. If it’s not because of a free present gift from Sephora, I would not buy them. If they changed their eye shadow formula to their latest ones, maybe I would consider to purchase it if the price is around RM15-RM20. :) If you still have not become a member of Sephora (white card) do now! You will not only be getting this as your birthday present, you will also be getting points and those points can be collected and you’ll be getting 10% voucher once the points reached 250. 3 points = RM5. Not only that, you’ll also be getting special discounts and be invited to some Sephora events! :)

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  1. i was googling sephora malaysia membership and found this !! :) nice blog you have, i'm browsing through your posts lol it's just that my birthday is coming up soon in february, so if i register now will i be getting one of these gifts straightaway? or do i have to buy a lot of products first..i've shopped at sephora but never became a member. how much would it cost to become a white cardmember? thanks! :)


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