Monday, September 16, 2013

BOTD–Clean those brushes!


1. Place your brushes inside the sink for the refreshing bathing time!

2. Use liquid detergent

3. And also some olive oil

4. Take any lids of old containers

5. Pour a half and half od liquid detergent and olive oil

6. Mix them all together with a brush!

clean it up edit

7. Start brushing your brush on the mixture of magic! Hehe

8. Squeeze your brushes onto your palms to remove the excess makeup and oils and soaps! (Gently!)

9. Wash the freshly squeeze brush under the water tap

10. Can you see the oil from BB Creams that I used on this brush? It is being squeezed away! Clean brush soon!

11. Wash all of the brushes under the tap after repeating step 7 & 8 for all brushes

12. Let the brushes refreshed themselves. :P

13. Dry up the brushes!

That’s all! ;) Hope that you could try this method. If you do use other methods to clean up your brushes, please do share with us as well!

P/S : The olive oil is to make the brushes stay soft and nice. Please ask permission from your mother’s first if you are planning to use some of her olive oil. hehe

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