Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BOTD–Etude House Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencil (Summer 2013 Collection)

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Last Monday was a public holiday for Malaysian. As a Malaysian, when it comes to a public holiday, we must have at least an open house or a party, a wedding or just gathering. I had a kenduri last Monday at Shah Alam. After the kenduri, we went to a mall as it was kind of hot and humid so we need a little air conditioned place to just cool down a bit. I choose to go to Paradigm Mall. While wandering around Paradigm mall, we stumbled onto Etude House kiosk and I saw this poster of BUY 1 FREE 1 and I was so damn excited! But then, I did make a pledge to not to buy any more makeup for this month so we just walked away. But before that, I did tested out few pencil liners on my hands.

We took a walk and ended up eating at De Irfaan restaurant. While eating I was thinking weather to purchase the eyeliners or not. Since it’s buy 1 free 1, it would be such a waste that I did not purchase anything at this point of time. So, we ended up going back to the counter and this is what I purchased! I do purchase some eyeshadow base but that’ll be in my next BOTD entry. :)

Like I mentioned to you just now, I swatched some of the pencil liners and some of them were from this line. And then I tried to remove them all from my hands and it just wont come of that easily! Well well well! It just stays put and the only thing that could made me wipe them off were the Biore Cotton Wipes Makeup Remover! From there, I was just like instantly fell in love with these. It comes in some few shades but I only choose these two just to try them out. I will definitely purchase more other colors soon! Especially the ones which looks like a black sparkle and also a pink champagne color. The ones that I bought were in the code number BR403 (brown color) & PK103 (pink color). I cannot read Korean so I don’t know the real name of the pencil. :(

1. Very creamy texture!
2. Very easy to apply
3. Very pigmented!
4. Very long lasting!
5. Very affordable!
6. Kind of waterproof!

1. The texture keeps on smudging the cap of the pencil and smudged the pencil body as well when I try to remove the cap. T_T
2. Need to sharpen it up!

PRICE : RM39.90 per pencil liner
COLOR CHOICES : 8 colors
WHERE TO PURCHASE : Etude House Stores / Kioks

Will I recommend this pencil to others?
Hell yeah I will! If you love Etude House, you’d probably have gotten these already as it is such a collectible items from Etude House but if you are quite new to Etude House products, please I strongly recommend you to try these liners. Super pigmented, super affordable and super long lasting!

Will I repurchase these?
Again hell yes! HAHA. I will repurchase if they still have it in stores! :)

DSC08445 edit
* Smudge test. I tried to smudge them by pressing the colors and run my fingers on them quite harshly *
DSC08446 edit
* Waterproof test. I pour water onto the liners and rub them quite hardly. *

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