Monday, September 2, 2013

Do not cry

life bad
People always said that, God always had plans for you. Either it is on your way on another. He has created such a great life for His creations and whenever we are facing such a difficult time, we tend to say bad things without realizing that it was planned way before. All I can say is, embrace it. Even if it’s bad. People said everything happens for a reason and it is true.

When I was little, I always thought that life will go on my way and I grow up to become like a snobby person up until I found the man that could change me from become snobby to even snobbier! haha. I always thought that whenever God did not allow me to have some things, He hates me and I just let my feelings get away. When I get older, I can think wisely and realize that God made that to be happen just to made me think. Otherwise, I wont be using my brain as much. Always think positive when it comes to bad things. Embrace it, not asking you to feel nothing but think think deep why God made this happened to you? Why only you and not others? Why does it happened to you? Ask these questions to yourself and the key point is to always think positive. Never ever God wanted His creations to suffer. You may suffer now but who knows in even 1 hour time, you will be the luckiest person in this whole wide world? You never know and can’t ever predict the future and do not try to mess with it either. :)

Try to embrace your difficulties. That way, you may find that your difficult times does not even compare to maybe what others are facing. Stop thinking only about you and start thinking about others as well. This way, you may find that your life is pretty much okay compared to some people in this world. If you can read this, you can be considered lucky as you have your maybe laptop, desktop, tablets or even mobiles. Some people might now know what are those things and they lived much more happier than I am.
Embrace your sadness. :)

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