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Event : SONY New Camera Launch #SonyNewCamera


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When I received the invitation from Sony themselveses to attend this one of a kind gadgets launch, I am so excited as I am currently looking for a new camera, mainly DSLR as I am looking for a good quality progressive format videos. Most Sony’s handycam produce an interlaced videos, as I am trying to show my videos in YouTube, mostly will be viewed by using laptops or PC or tablets or phones, interlaced edited video wont be having a smooth output. Anyway, let’s move on to the event.

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The event started at 7:00pm sharp. After the surprise arrival by Sony NEX Camera Ambassador, Lisa Surihani, the event started straight away. It started by some speech from Ivy Goh which is the Head or Marketing of Sony Malaysia Sdn Bhd. She talked about what happened around the morning of the camera launch. They had bloggers, medias and journalists came for the press conference of the new 7 cameras that will be launched in Malaysia pretty soon. She also did asked everybody in the audience to test out, take pictures and videos of all the cameras after the presentations of all 7 cameras is done. She also did say that we are actually the first to get out hands on the 7 products in Malaysia. She believed that Sony is now trying to go into the new digital imaging experience to the user.

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After Ivy Goh, came up the cute and beautiful actress of Malaysia, Lisa Surihani who is actually the ambassador for Sony NEX 3N (she did carried her pink NEX camera with her! So cute!) came on stage and share with us her personal photos taken including the ones which her nieces took as well. She mentioned that with the NEX 3N camera, she does not have to be professional in order to take professional looking photos. She just can use the Superior Auto mode or Intelligent Auto mode to shoot beautiful pictures, looking just like a pro. The NEX 3N also comes with a 180 degree rotation of viewfinder, so it is easy to take selfie photos. Hehe.

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Next presentation is from Masahiko Ishida – San. Yes. Imported from Japan to brief to us about the 2013 new cameras launch. He is the Head of Digital Imaging Products (Looks quite young to be the head of digital imaging. Hehe) He was the one presented all of the 7 new cameras for Sony 2013. One by one he explained. The first new product is the Action Cam. This is similar to GoPro I guess, It can be mounted on dogs, helmets anywhere. I will post a video on this and will paste down below if it’s being done. Second product is the Music Video Recorder which has a Liner PCM sound, one touch transfer file, wifi enabled, you phone could become a remote control as well, Easy to Share through Wifi (To social media accounts YouTube, Facebook and others).

The third new camera are for mainly people who are in the television business, Handycam FDR-AX1. It was mentioned to have 4k Ultra HD technology that is not yet being introduced in Malaysian television market (Will be soon!). I wonder what is the changes that it could bring when we would watch something that is being captured in 4k. Sony also presents the new Cybershot RX-100 II, which is more of a point and shoot camera type for normal people like us. hehe. This next product is very very very innovative I should say. It is a mobile lens hands-on DSC QX100 & DSC QX10. It’s universal and Ishida San did mentioned that it can be used not only on Sony Phones but on iPhone and Samsung as well. This is what is call innovation and sharing and this is why I like Sony phones more than the other android competitors. I am eyeing on the waterproof, dustproof phone by sony actually. It might be my first android phone. We’ll see. Moving on to the DSLR type of camera, which I believe is not the main point of Sony’s camera revenue as DSLR kings like Nikon and Canon is much more dominant up until now. What is so different from Sony’s DSLR and others? One of them which I love is the ISO, the new Sony alpha 3000 has up to 16000! Well, it’s not a surprise as my future camera will also be having a great ISO number which is extendable to 25600! :) The last one is the newest NEX-5T camera! Similar to NEX-3N lookalike with the tilted viewfinder and all! Some new gadgets for all who are looking for a new camera I guess! Well, all eyes are on the models of course. The cameras are just tiny :P

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After the presentations, we are all able to transferred to the other side of the ballroom to have a look and play of the cameras! YAY! And at the center of the ballroom, they displayed all of the Sony imaging products from the past and I can spot two of my Sony camera there! aha! And I got the chance to take photo with the most adorable Lisa Surihani for the second time! And yes, I wore the same top from my #KamiBuddyz DiGi shoot. LOL.

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Are you looking forward to these new gadgets by Sony? Which is your favorite camera / lens? I am eyeing on the mobile lens now :P Hopefully the price is affordable. Which one is your favorite?

Videos will be uploaded soon. :)

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