Friday, September 20, 2013

I just LOVE Cakes!

Well, the title says it all! I just love cakes. I am not a chocolate or sweets type of girl. I don’t really like chocolate. It’s just not the right food for me. But when you put a chocolate into a cake, I will eat it. So I am more of a cake type. Anything cake! Anything bake I love it. I can say that I eat more cakes than chocolate in a year. Not just during birthday time. Even on a non special day, I can just buy cake and eat it. Oh my. I just love the show Cake Boss, Fabulous cakes , Caked and all those cake baking shows. Haha. Well, enough obsessed.

I can stay in a cake shop forever! Looking at those colors, templates, baking pans, icing colors, decorations and everything! I just love it! It’s like my second favorite outside place apart from makeup shops. haha. I could say that cooking & baking is my hobby apart from doing makeup and all. I just love to browse some cake pictures and drool over it. :p



rainbowmac cake

(Pictures from, emilyflippinmaruna, & 

Those are some crazy fancy cakes that I could found on internet. Sometimes, I just need something simple like the rainbow sprinkles cake and just eat it at one go! I love sprinkles! I can gag them from the bottle alone! haha. Well, I am a bit crazy when it comes to the food that I love.

Do you love cakes like I do? What type of cake do you usually eat? I usually go for anything! Cheese cakes, chocolate cakes, orange, banana, vanilla what ever! yum!

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