Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lost & Found

Hello all. Today I just would love to update you on things that has been on my mind for several months now. It’s the lost and found kind of thing. We’ll see, we have lost several things even friends. But we could also found another new things or friends to replace the one that we lost. But sometimes, the items or friend that we found cannot be compared to the one that we lost. Sometimes, the one that we found is much more better than the ones that we lost.

Here, I just want to let you know that it is okay to replace things that has been lost in your life before. There’s nothing wrong with that. Replacing meaning that you have started to grow upfront instead of living still in the past. The past will still and forever be yours. You cannot change the past unless you have been typing all year round and you can just click on the backspace key and just delete everything. Life is not like that. Life is like, learning from the past and use it in the present to make a better future. You lost something in the past, you choose a replacement for it and live with it in the future.

I browsed through my previous entries of this blog. Since 2008. I have grow so fast for the past 5 years. My entry used to be about football, foods, places to go, my university, friends. Nowadays, my entry tends to be about beauty, fashion, events, foods and life. I know, my blog can be a little bit boring sometimes, usually when I posted a lot of BOTD for you to read. I mean, I do have male readers as well before this (not my boyfriend) and they all were like, an avid reader and was my friends. But now, since all of my postings are about beauty and fashion related stuffs, I tend to loose all the male reader but it’s okay. I have no idea that my personal blog is going to be a blog for beauty and fashion and all. I did not set this goal before. I really wanted to still post some things about my life. But since I have minimal friends, it’s hard to update on things that I did. I pretty much do the same thing every single day. Going to work, jogging in the evening and have a bit drinks at TTDI. That’s about it. My life is pretty much boing.

Well, going back to the topic of lost and found, I do hope that you have already gained what you have lost. I have seen most of my friends have already gotten theirs and I am happy for them. I used to be a person who is very very shy and always keeps my mouth shut. But my shitty life has taught me to become shitty at times. So, I was again being found by shitty life to become stronger and wiser. I used to have 0 confidence level but now I have confidence in myself. I used to think that I am ugly but now I know that I am special even though I know I am still ugly. People call me names, people said that I look like a transgender but it’s okay. My long lost life has been found again through my new friends, work life and part time work life. :)

I am lost and had been found again.

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* Life is not always shitty. If it’s shitty, just embrace and find your track back. In that way, you’ll found your life *

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