Sunday, September 15, 2013

Please VOTE for Hafiz Zainal!


To all my fellow readers! Please vote for my cousin HAFIZ ZAINAL for the Social Media Nova awards, Anugerah Planet Music!!! Please spare your votes (If you are kind enough all 20 of them to him) and I just can’t thank you enough if you have done it.

He is the No.2 contestant for the Awakening Talent 2013 represent Malaysia and if he could win this, it will made his long waiting dream come true!

Below are the steps for you to vote!

1. Sign into your Facebook account

2. Go to the voting link here

3. register on the right side (only needed your name and email, don’t worry!)

4. Look for the name ‘Hafiz Zainal’ (scroll down a bit) in the social media nova caterogy

5. lastly, vote for Hafiz Zainal with all your heart!


Enjoy his video below!


His awakening talent videos that made him no.2 worldwide!

His Facebook page : Hafiz Zainal

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