Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soul mate


Hello people! Well I have not been blogging for the past few days. It’s not because I am not in the mood or anything, I just don’t know what to blog about! Even up to this point, I have no idea, I just browse through my laptop pictures and saw this picture I took few weeks back. This I believe was on the day where we are going for the Riddick Nuffnang Premier and I was wearing sweater as the movie theater will be so cold during night time and it was raining too. Some people said that we actually look alike. My boyfriend and i. I don’t know. Sometimes I do see similarity, sometimes I was like where the heck are we looking the same? Haha. I guess it was all about the photo angle.

This month, I have been loving off tone pink and champagne eye shadow so much! It’s like the best eye shadow for me for this month. I know everybody has been busy doing fall make up look (which I REALLY REALLY LOVE!) but fall makeup has to wait for a moment for me. I am still embracing my light – medium eye makeup for now. Fall makeup is like quite heavy for me to do every single day. As like the one in the picture below, it was being done by combining two beautiful eye shadow (Urban Decay Naked Palette; Sin & Loreal Infalliable Eye shadow; Naughty Strawberry) with just a black liner on the outer third of my upper lashes. Not so heavy mascara coats and I am off to go! I love love love love this simple look and have been doing these kind of look every single day!


To just add a pop of eye color, I lined my color like the picture below with a purple color (to give it a pop) and that’s just it! (Both picture taken on different day) What kind of makeup look are you currently in love with now? Well, although I love simple look, I am still going to try to do some fall looks soon!


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