Monday, September 16, 2013

Tapered vs Parallel Lids?


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Well. I always thought that eyelid types would be just monolid and double eyelids but I was wrong! I mean, inside double eyelids there are another two types which is the tapered and parallel. You may asked me, “How did you came up to this kind of facts?” Well, I was actually googling on how to do inner corner highlighting as my eyes looks so weird when ever I tried to highlight it using eye shadow. I types “Layer inner corner eyes” and I came up to these type of eyelids. Now I learn something new! HAHA.

Well, as you can see from the first picture and the picture of my eyes above, I do have tapered lids. It’s like when your eyelids are joined together at the inner corner of the eye. I envy people who has paralle lids as they tend to have that round looking eye. My eyes looks like an almond shape. It’s hard to do highlighting with an eye shape like this. No wonder whenever I try to copy some of the eye tutorials on YouTube, especially on the inner corner tutorials, I wont be getting the same effect. Well, I am special that way. So Asian eye I have here. But yeah, I am mixed with Chinese and some Palembang-ish so I have to accept my roots. People said that I could use some double eyelids glue stickers or what so ever, I might try them one day but just for fun. Haha. Cause I still can’t accept the fact that they do have things like that. LOL. Well, MOST Asians eyelids (for double lids) are tapered unless you are a pure Caucasians or just naturally pretty. hehe

So, if you have tapered lids like I do, now you know that it is being called tapered and you are not alone in this matter! YAY! Now you can use the keywords like “Tapered eyelids makeup tutorial” or “Tapered eyelids eye shadow tutorial” on YouTube and do makeup the correct way like what I found here.

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