Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Unboxing : MIVVA September box

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Hello all! Today I would like to share with you things that I received inside my MIVVA September box! Yes. MIVVA is one of the beauty boxes that I still subscribe as they do sometimes give out make up items which I am loving it! Want to see what do I get in this month box? Scroll down now!

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You can see here that the box is quite empty and spacious but the items inside here in just something to YAY for! First of all, you can see that they do have a make up items inside it. ARTY Face Color! YAY! And a contact lens (1 pair!). Well, no wonder I LOVE this box to pieces! And first of the item is a handheld mirror! Such a cute brand-less mirror.

When I open up the box and saw a make up item, I am overwhelmed! As you have probably know, I am a make up junkie and I do not really look into skin care that much but sadly most Malaysian beauty boxes are filled with skin care products. This Face Color is from ARTY. In Hishop, this palette costs RM45! I mean, at RM45 for a full size make up, inside a MIVVA box is just good enough to make me happy! This face color can be use as an eye shadow and also a blusher / bronzer (depending on the color that you get. ;) )It is kind of pigmented but NOT CHALKY at all. It has that buttery texture to it and blend so nicely and easily. :)


Next item is this IGEL Magic GOLD Iris Enhancement Lens. Basically, it is a soft lens. I received in the power of 0-0, perfect for me! I am a contact lens wearer (not every single day but I love wearing them) and to receive this inside a beauty box is just another happiness to me. I receive in the gold brownish color, not really sure if there are other colors out there but this color is just PERFECT for me. I have it soaked for one day now and will wear the lens tomorrow. ;) I did not remember the price of it (since I am typing this without looking at the product description card T_T) but I googled it down and it says one pair costs USD14. :) I shall do a thorough review on this eye lens soon!


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In this month box, I also received these Asience Shampoo and Conditioner. I have two of the sample pack and am looking forward to use them in my daily morning routine bath! I have been using the Tsubaki Shampoo since 2 years ago and would love to see is this KAO Asience could be the next shampoo for me. Not that the Tsubaki shampoo is doing anything wrong, sometimes I just need a change just to get the feel of having new items to test out. :) Looking forward to use this one!

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Somang is another brand that we received from Mivva September box. I do believe that Somang is one of the Korean beauty brand and it is not really popular here in Malaysia just yet. The Koreans they tend to do their sample pack in a tiny and most beautiful pack ever. Like this one that I received, Anti-Wrinkle Gift 2 Pcs Set. You can test it out and see the result. It is a fair amount of tester you have there and not just having it inside a sachets. DSC08305 edit

Lastly, some BB Creams and Sun Cream by Somang as well! I love BB creams rather than foundations as BB cream does not feel heavy on my skin, unlike some foundations. But I do wear foundations if needed more coverage to cover up the imperfections on myface. :) I can’t wait to use the Like A Dessert BB Cream that has SPF 30/PA++ in it! Just love this sample in a sachet (might be the only sample in a sachet that I approve!) as it is easy to use and throw away right after. Just hope that the color does match my skin tone. I shall do a review on this BB Cream if I have got the chance to use it. Another two sachet is the Ecopure Perfect White Sun Cream with SPF 50+/PA+++ This maybe can be used as a makeup based, as it has a very high SPF in it to protect us from our everyday sun. :)

To subscribe to mivva box for next month, please visit : to register yourself today!

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