Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why now?


*Me and Irfan*

Well, many people asked me why this blog has turn into a beauty blog instead of like a blog where I used to do before this? Why now every posts would be about either beauty, fashion or food? Why now? Let me explain to you out there who have been reading my blog from day 1 until now. It’s just some little story that I might not be telling everyone else about it but I feel like it’s time for me to let everyone (at least to those who read my blog would know) know why is the content of this blog changes, very rapidly.

I used to write things that I wanted to say, or things that I feel like only I can accept it and not others. I just love to rant on my blog and say whatever that I want to. You can read on my previous earliest posts. All are about me and life and how my boyfriend (now ex) treats me. It was so hurtful and so emo-ish style and random. At that time I don’t really have enough money to even purchase a Maybelline make up product. The only product that I owned was an eyeliner pencil to line my eyes and I do not really have savings as I spend all my money towards a man which is so cruel and heartless (I hope that you don’t mind me telling the little details from the past). That time again, I did not know what do I love in life. I know that I love cars, I read TopGear every single month and been loving each and every information that I could gather from that magazine. Apart from that, beauty is something that I don’t really know and master about. I buy Female magazine just to get the freebies and samples. haha. How cheap I am back then.

When I was a single girl back then, still make up is something that I wont be reaching. I just love baking and would just buy some baking ingredients to back small cupcakes using the smallest oven in the world. The oven was a gift for my dad from his office (My dad is a social golfer, he plays golf and always win so he brings home some cool prizes! haha) and it was actually a oven toaster bread kind of thing. So, I was so in love with baking and stuff. I also sell strawberry cheesecake pies to friends and even do COD back then. :) The pie was delicious (if not people would not repeat orders from me haha :P) and even me myself loves it so much!


Then, my posts turns out to be lovey dovey as I found Irfan and become close with him and enter the new world of relationship. So, from there it was all love and happiness and I did not even do my pies anymore. LOL. It was all just look so right and bright and love and pink and girlish. I even started to browse through youtube (I used a maxis broadband back then it sucks big time!) but I just could not stand it as my internet connection was too slow to even load a youtube video. So what I do at that time was just playing games on Facebook. I played Hatchlings, Café World, Farmville, Pet Society, and Hotel City. Wow. So many games back then! haha.

And then after I unsubscribe to Maxis broadband I subscribed to Streamyx and now I can watch youtube videos easily. I subscribe the 4mbps and suddenly the internet at home is super fast! That was when I knew that youtube was not only a place to watch videos, it is a place where you can learn every single damn thing inside there. I first know about YouTube beauty channels and community from Michelle Phan. I instantly subscribe to her and fell in love with YouTube instantly. Blame her if you can only read all my blog entry about beauty. It was her who make me started out to become in love with make up and beauty. Then I stumbled upon cooking and baking channels and fell in love with it as well like Laura Vitale but the first ever cooking channel that I have subscribed was yoyomax12. She baked some rainbow cakes and some lovely cupcakes from melted waffles. It was my first time ever heard about melted colored waffles from Wiltons. I even went to the cupcake shop at Sunway Damansara to check if we do have it here in Malaysia. Apparently at that time, we did not still have it here.


Apparently until today, I am stuck with Youtube and am part of it as well. That’s why nowadays I am more into beauty than others. I do read about cars, about airplanes and stuff but my main focus now is beauty. I know, buying makeup items is just a waste to some people but for me I am happy with it. I do met with loads of great friends right after I did youtube videos, after loosing some bunch of friends in real life. I do met with some bunch of people who are proud of herself not have to purchase makeup or no need to wear any makeup at all. Well, it is all up to you. If you think you do look good without a piece of makeup on your face, that’s good. It’s your choice and I am not going to condemn you or anything. But please just don’t look down on other people who can and need to wear makeup. I can feel that somehow people like that, they tend to show off by not having to wear anything on their face at all as they thought that they already look good without it. That’s cool! Confidence is the key and I am proud of you! Well, I am proud of myself too for wearing makeup as I am not trying to cover up but more on showing what I can do with it. I play with colors and brushes and products and am loving it.

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