Saturday, October 26, 2013

Age and number

Hello pretty ladies and handsome gentleman. Today has been a great day so far! Went to Bangsar for an event by Himalaya (will blog about that later) and then just relax at home for a while then boyfie Irfan came and fetched me up and we went to out boss’s house for a BBQ food open house. So far, it has been one of the greatest Saturday of this month so far.

Well, few days back I did mentioned my age on Instagram. And everybody was shocked to see that I am 27. Well, not everybody obviously. Some of my friends. They said I do not look like 27 years old at all. HAHA. Well, I am not someone who is always worried about my age and all that and I never count actually and never ever feel old. But recently, when I am at the Butterfly Project event, everybody there was so young looking and so slim and has nice body, I feel old. I have huge body frame and I am quite tall. Not to say that I am proud of it, I feel rather kind of shy and less confident when it comes to meeting gorgeous people with gorgeous body. I feel like I am an alien or a giant girl. Lately, I have that feelings of being old. Well, some say age is just a number. Some say age defines who we are and our level of maturity. I say wrong. I am 27 years old this year. That is old. But, I do have a young heart (Well, at least I do hope so) and I hope that people wont be having the feeling of nausea when I try to act or be cute. HAHA.

bbq 004 edit

* Is it legal for a 27 years old to take pictures like this? I say YES! :P *

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