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BOTD : CathyDoll Sparkling Winter Powder Pact #21

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Hello lovely ladies! Today is another BOTD entry for you. I actually did a video review on this powder but, my video software did not import the video and only imported the pictures, and I have already deleted the video inside my video camera so I think I have to redo another video review on this product. But at the meantime, just hope that you could read the review here in my blog! :)

I came across this powder when Fyna ( did a review on her blog / instagram regarding about this product. I am quite a fan of face powder so I thought why not I try this one instead. Besides, it’s from the brand that everybody is raving about right now which is Cathy Doll. Cathy Doll is a Korean manufactured product but is being packed in Thailand (That’s what I’ve been told about). All of the packaging for their products are simple cute and very very nice well made!

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This powder come out with two types of shades, #21 & #23. #23 is a slightly darker than this one, and are said to be suitable for shading or for people with darker skin tone. It has a slightly shimmer to it, so if you are afraid of using any shimmering products because you have oily skin (like I do), this product is okay to use it as the shimmer is not obvious enough for people to see that you have glitters on your face. But! If you build te powder up, you’ll definitely look like a glitter ball. :P


The packaging has two layers of storage. The bottom part is the place where you can store the sponge (I will talk about this sponge!) or your favorite sponge, if you hate the one that they have, with a nicely sized mirror. And then on top of it, is the product! Love love love love! :)

The sponge application that was given with the packaging it super super soft! It’s not like the latex sponges at all! This is seriously one of the best applicator sponge that I have ever encounter. I don’t know how to describe it but it is seriously, fluffy and soft!

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The powder texture is quite fine. I am surprise at how the powder turns out to be quite matte on my fingers as it does have shimmers inside the powder itself. Like what I mentioned, the shimmer/glitters are not as visible as some other powder with shimmer products. This is just nice. Some say that the glitters are there to suck the oils up on our face. How is that even possible? I don’t know! :(


The feel once applied this product is the same as what you could feel once you applied any other powder products onto your face. Lightweight and quite buildable. But do not over build it as it will make you look like a glitter ball! The glitters will finally shows up if you applied way too much of this powder. The powder blends very well and fast too!


If you like sort of like a natural glowing effect without having way too much of products such as highlighting and other powders, this is like 2 in 1 powder that you could use for highlighting and setting powder at the same time. It could give you a slightly light highlight and makes your face glowing without looking cakey and fake. :)


To be frank, this is what I hate about this product. It glides smoothly on my face, it has that natural glowing effect, but it does not last long. T_T But I wont be reapplying it for more than twice a day. If you really really need to reapply it for more than twice, you just have to wash your makeup and then reapply it back. Or maybe just blot away the oiliness by having primers on. I tried one time with Loreal Face Primers (the one that looks and smell like a silicon) and this powder stays longer! Usually, it will only last up for the maximum of 4 hours.

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* Sorry again for the lighting difference. Blame the natural light :P *

If you would love to try this product and other Cathy Doll’s product, you can do so and purchase them at


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