Friday, October 25, 2013

BOTD : LA Colors 6 Colors Metallic Eye shadow

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Hello ladies! Another BOTD entry for you! I know it’s getting a little bit boring isn’t it? Well, I maybe after this I’ll be posting something else then. What else do you want to read from my blog? Food stuffs? Gadgets? :) Do let me know!

At the meantime, this is a gorgeous LA Colors eye shadow that I received from my swap with Jaimah aka Gemgem! My best friend who lives in LA! We had our first swap and she send me this eye shadow palette in her swap box! I did not know how to rock blue eye shadows as blue tends to look greyish on my eye lids I have no idea why! Argh! :P

I did experiment a little bit with the palette and I can see that the eye shadow is quite chalky. But, it is slightly pigmented and you might need a nice primer like NYX Jumbo Pencil or a very thick primer if you wanted to apply these eye shadows on your lids. Basically, I think the quality is okay for the price that you need to pay. I actually have no idea how much does this costs but I bet it is affordable as I only told her to get me some cheap stuffs. No high end brands.

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I received in the palette named Hypnotic. As good the name sounds, the colors of the eye shadows are pretty wearable as well! I love the top second color which is like a minty green color. You know how much I LOVE my mint green! haha! Her favorite color is the below middle which looks like a very deep navy blue color.

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Yes. Pretty shades of blue. Loving it! I shall rock this baby soon! :)

 photo Wheretogetthis_zps3e6d5c42.png

I am not quite sure on how you can purchase this palette. I have checked inside Ebay but non of them actually supply for this particular palette. But if you are looking for other LA Colors eye shadow palettes, you can just check out at your local Ebay website. ;)

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