Sunday, October 13, 2013

BOTD–Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

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Hello ladies and gentleman, today I present to you the banana luxury powder by Ben Nye. I have been using this powder for about nearly a month now and have been loving the effect that it does. Bear in mind that I did not use this product to do highlighting as I only use it to cover up my under eye dark circle.

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This Banana Powder became famous after a picture of Kim Kardashian’s face with this powder pops out in the internet everybody is raving about this product ever since. It’s like the new way of doing highlighting on the face. Previously, majority of the highlighter products are in liquid form and when someone found out about this powder form of highlighting, I say it’s the REVOLUTION! haha. Well, for a person like me, I don’t really like every single makeup products on my face to be in liquid form. Be it foundation, highlighting, concealers, most of these products are in liquid form.

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* Sorry for the differences in the lighting. This is what you get if you use natural lighting *


This is a super fine yellow color powder. Don’t ask me from where the highlighting comes from. I believe it’s from the color of the powder itself. As you can see from the picture of my hands above, one strike of the powder can actually conceal and highlight at the same time. If you can carefully see my after hands, there is a strike of yello highlight powder. That’s how the highlighting goes of you applied just that tiny bit of powder. If you rebuild it I think you’ll have a nice natural glowing highlighter on your face.


I don’t really know if this shade is suitable for lighter skin / pale skin color. I think for pale skin color, you should choose some other shades. I belive Ben Nye Banana Powder comes in a various types of shade color. I have in the shade Banana. You can check it out here –> BananaPowder for other shades comparisons. 


I applied this powder by tapping the openings near the top cap and use the products in the top cap. I applied using a beauty blender or a fluffy blending brush (eyeshadow brush) and it works well on both methods of application.

5 stars

Another 5 star rating product for me! I love how it does have that 2 in 1 kind of thing. One powder that could conceal and highlight at the same time! And I love the fact that it is in powder form and not liquid. Of course, you can see liquify the powder by applying using a damp sponge. I have not yet try that method so maybe in some other post in the future! :) Oh yes, you can purchase this Banana Powder from the facebook page BUFF’S VANITY hopefully they will have this in stock!

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