Monday, October 21, 2013

BOTD–Cathy Doll Sweet Holiday Blusher

blusher packaging
Hello lovely ladies! Today is Monday, the day of gloomy to some people. But if you are having those bad days today and your cheeks are just not that rosy red at all, you can always apply blusher! Like what I have here from Cathy Doll line! You know I have always wanted to really try some of Cathy Doll’s products and now I have more than what I can imagine I could test! HAHA
I always wanted to test out some blushers and highlighter from Cathy Doll. I have my eyes glued on ZamalianaShoppe Instagram for quite some time and did purchased my first Cathy Doll’s products from her and has been loving each moment! You can read my review on the Winter Sparkling Powder Pact HERE.
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Cathy Doll’s products are very famous for it’s cute packaging and at affordable price. The packaging is very well made and so damn cute! Just look at the box and the blusher packaging. So damn cute and intrigued!
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I personally choose the brightest colors available from this Sweet Holiday blusher collection which is the Pink Madamoiselle No.3. The other two shades are quite light and I don’t think it’ll show up on my face anyway. But if you do have fair skin I think this shade is suitable for you as well. Hehe. I like bright colors when it comes to blushers. :)
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Even this fluffy applicator that looks like a bunny tail is really well made. Mine did not even have any bristles fall outs at all! I really love this! I never applied any blusher using this type of applicator so I am still trying to find the right and suitable ways on how to apply the blusher using this. :) Other than that, I think this blusher is quite pigmented and I really do love every single thing about it. From the packaging up to the product itself!
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So this is how I look like, applying this blusher using this bunny tail applicator. Haha. I really do LOVE this product!
PRICE : RM35 with postage to Semenanjung Malaysia
COLOR CHOICES : 3 shades
WHERE TO BUY : ZamalianaShoppe Facebook


Yes! So worth it! With the price for just RM35, you can get these cute and nice blusher! I really think we should have more beauty products which are affordable but still very quality.


Well, blusher on my face tends to not last long if I did not have my foundation / face base on. Yes, sometimes I skipped foundation / bb creams / cc creams and just straight away do my blusher. I am weird like that. But, obviously with foundations and all, it did last longer that I could ever imagine! It did last up until more than 6 hours for me! I wore this blusher during the Butterfly Project event and when I came back home, it is still there! :)

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