Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BOTD–Malu Wilz Eye Shadow

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Hello everybody! Happy Wednesday! I usually <3 Wednesday but today is a little bit GRR for me. People always wanted to make me angry very early in the morning. GRR

Well, besides the not go great morning, I have been kind of testing out this new cult product that I received from The Lilac Box 1st Cult Box! (Oh I totally forgot to do an entry about that box, will do SOON! So here’s one of the spoiler! haha) It’s the Malu Wilz (what a name!) eye shadow! I mean, just look at the packaging and those promising words! It’s like love at first sight!

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They also claim to be having a large color variety and high color brilliance! Wow! I just can’t wait to use this eye shadow! On the front packaging, it said that it has duo-chrome effect but I just can’t see that, but who cares! hehe. The color is so fall / winter and you know how I LOVE fall/winter looks!

Malu Wilz is a german brand of makeup products. I did visit their website “ " and they are not only in the makeup sections, they also care and treatments as well! Malu Wilz was also the winner for 2012 Beauty Forum Award in the category of Best Cosmetics #1!

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I have no idea actually what is the name of this eye shadow color. I searched for this inside their online store website but found nothing similar to this. Besides, their website is all in Germany so I need to translate it first. But still, I could not found it. So, I searched for it since I love searching and digging more information on some stuffs that is worth searching and I found this website (picture below).

MALU WILZ Make up Augen,Malu Wilz Eye Shadow - versandkostenfrei bestellen


* Malu Wilz Eye Shadow –> CLICK HERE *

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So, here's the swatch of the eye shadow on my hands. No primer, no nothing, just one stroke swatch. Well, not that pigmented to me as what it claims to be on the package. :( When I tried to build it up, it is not a buildable eye shadow either. I am so mad as the packaging states the other way round. Haha. Well, maybe this particular color is not meant to be bright so this is the most bright that it could get. I did have it on my eyes today and yesterday. It surely needs a primer on your eyelids especially if you have oily eyelids like I do. the shadow tends to just poof! away after nearly 3 hours of application. It is easy to take off as well as it is not that pigmented after all. ;)

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