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BOTD–Sabai Arom


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Sabai Arom is one of my favorite aromatherapy products now! Since my mom purchased some of the products at Chiang Mai, it has been great to finally use a very affordable but yet so effective product. They opened their first flagship in Kuala Lumpur. If you would love to smell the oh-my-God scents from Thailand, this is the very right place to go!

Me and my mom loves the smell of Jasmine flowers and also lily. At Sabai Arom, you can have loads of other scents and not only Jasmine. Did you know Jasmine was the home flower of Thailand? People in Thailand, used jasmine flower every single day for worshipping purposes and to pay the respect to the parents. Apart from Jasmine, they are also famous with the cousins and sisters of Jasmine which is Chempaka & Ylang Ylang. Both smells extraordinary!

I purchased my first ever Sabai Arom oil few weeks before. Usually, I only used what my mom bought. Haha. I love this Nourishing Oil as I do have dry skin especially on my legs. I just could not help myself from scratching those white dead skin and just love doing that even when I am asleep. haha

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When you entered Sabai Arom’s shop at The Curve (Beside Watsons), you’ll see loads of products. I do believe that they have the same range of product for every scents that they have in stores. Like what I purchased, Siamese Blossoms scent, they do have other products under this scents such as body scrub, shower gel, hand creams and more! Yes! More! They also have neck creams as well! :)

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1. My dry hand skin. Ewwww! Yes. Just ignore the scars. That’s from my cat. Haha. :P

2. 2 pumps of the oil is enough for my both hands as it is very very very nourishing! Since it’s oil you would not want to add many products anyway as it tends to get oily and greasy. 2 pumps are enough for that non greasy feelings. The oil sinks very very fast anyway, so you don’t need to feel worry about that.

3. Blended! See my hands are now a little bit shinier (minus the cartoon effect. haha) and moisturized as well! Plus the gorgeous gorgeous scents from Yalang Ylang & Chemphaka. Just lovely.


Well, I would say that it does moisturized my skin well enough to last for few hours. But I don’t really mind reapplying it every let say, 4 hours as it does smell good! But I have to restrain myself that it is oil and I do not want to clogged my hand pores (I do have and some are visible!). :)


This oil costs me RM39.90. Yes. For a 100ml product, I think it is still affordable and cheap! I mean, if you go and test them, you’ll know what I mean. From the packaging (it does have pump applicator!) and the ingredients themselves, I do believe that RM39.90 is a serious bargain and I LOVE IT!

Another 5 Stars / Smiles Rating! 5smiles_zps24fd33a7

You can always visit Sabai Arom’s website for more details and scents

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