Thursday, October 31, 2013

BOTD–Sleek Makeup Blush in Antique

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Good day! Today my entry is about this beautiful Sleek Makeup Blush in Antique. This blush actually is in the same line as the previous Sleek Makeup Eye Shadow Palette that I have done an entry about few days back. To me, it’s such a waste if you did not get the blusher as well as it’s also limited edition.

Sleek is very famous with its blushers and also eye palette. To be one of the most affordable and high quality makeup products, Sleek just needs to improve their customer service that’s all. But that’s a different story all together. But I just HAVE to get this blusher. I love to collect a collectibles of limited edition things like this. Sadly, most of the makeup products are limited edition. HAHA

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At the back of the package, they listed down all the ingredients of this blusher.

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Similar to its Palette sister, this blusher also has a plastic material casing and it is very very compact and I just love the fact that it’s in rectangular shape. I mean, I am also a sucker not onto to makeup items, I am a sucker when it comes to anything squares and rectangular. I am not so much a fan of round shape things. It makes me hard to arrange it inside my drawers, or anywhere! I do have a little bit of an OCD so, yeah. That’s just me. I can just do crazy if my makeup stacks are just not right! I have to arrange every-single-damn-thing! So, now you know a little bit about me. :p

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So, here it is! The blusher! Oh yes, the packaging includes one HUGE mirror as well. No brushes or sponges though but who actually use them anyway? In the palette, it looks boring, dull and not so fun at all. I have this feelings too when I first time open up my Sleek packaging and see the blusher. It looks boring and not yummy. But…

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Once I swatch it. BOOM! Instantly fell in love with this color. I have no words to describe what kind of a color is this. It looks kind of a very light berry/deep plum color with a hint of a sheer silver shimmer to it. Very very nice color and very nice for all skin tone as well. Don’t you just love it? It feels like falling in love for the first time, with a blusher, again. Haha. It does makes sense! I tell you.

So far, I love this blusher. The pigmentation is great and it’s also buildable as well. Very easy to blend and stays on my face nearly 5-6 hours, which is a very good lasting time as I do have a little bit of an oily skin. It could also be a highlighter if you apply it gently onto your cheeks.

If you are so into blushers, you can check out this one. Or maybe other famous blushers by Sleek such as Flamingo, Rose Gold, Pixie Pink and more!


USD 5.99


Sleek Makeup
(It is a limited edition blusher so grab fast!)

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