Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BOTD–Sleek Vintage Romance Palette

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Well, being a sucker for Sleek Makeup eye shadow, oh no the correct word is being a sucker for any eye shadow palette, I am so needing this new palette from Sleek Makeup. I just could not resist it when I saw the colors. But I do not just simple buy them. I look at reviews, I read blogs, I see the swatches and then, I decided to get one for myself as well. I just could not resist them.

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The palette looks exactly the same as other Sleek Makeup palette. Black plastic material, with huge mirror and a dual ended sponge applicator.

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Look at those gorgeous and wearable colors! So wonderfully match and made for romance eye look is it? I love wearable colors like this as it has some very cool tone red/berry colors, with some cool tone blue and also gold. Not to forget some bronze and copper as well. Love it!

The names of the eye shadow are also more towards romance and places in this world that could be some romance spot as well such as Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Monte Carlo. Those rich and expensive places! :) And if you could actually see, the names are in sequence of how people would fall in love. Be Pretty in Paris and then she meet someone in Madrid, then she has this feeling of court in Cannes, so she went to have a little bit of Romance in Rome. After a while, she was being Propose in Prague!

And then the next chapter begins! A Vow in Venice, then they decided to be Marry in Monte Carlo! After that they have their Honeymoon in Hollywood and be in such a Bliss in Barcelona. Surely they will be Forever in Florence and fall in Love in London.

Even the first alphabet for every letters in the name are the same! Like, Pretty in Paris. P and P! They have gone so far with this palette! But the price is still the same. :)

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See the colors? Very vibrant and so so so pigmented! This is without any primers what-so-ever and I took this photo at night time. :)

My personal favorite color is Marry in Madrid, Honeymoon in Hollywood, Court in Cannes and Lust in LA. Very pretty, very gorgeous and very pigmented indeed! The texture of the shadow is quite buttery and silky. It has a little bit of fall outs, especially if you are working out with some high shimmering shadow such as Honeymoon in Hollywood. The shadows tends to be a little bit powdery as well but it is SUPER EASY to blend! Love the buttery and silky effects!

5 stars

I just have to give this palette 5 stars rating as I SUPER love the colors, the texture, the names, the palette and the price. It’s affordable! But I must warn you that this is a LIMITED EDITION palette. I purchased this palette earlier this month, so if you are reading this in the year 2014, you might not going to get this palette anymore. ;)


Sleek Makeup Website


USD9.99 (Without shipping)

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