Sunday, October 27, 2013

BOTD–TopShop Eye Crayon Pencil

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Back to BOTD entry girls! Today I would like to introduce to you my lovely under eyes / inner corner / lower lashline / waterline pencil that I have been LOVING and obsessed with now. I saw this pencil liner long ago when @StyleSuzi was promoting and using it for her under inner corner of her eyes. But she has the gold color. Mine is actually in the color named, Marble.

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I don’t really owned a lot of TopShop makeup products but I think some of it was awesome! Like this Eye Crayon pencil for instance. It is a good quality product from TopShop. I don’t usually like a brand if their major is not in cosmetics. It’s like, you sell high prices clothes (In Malaysia, topshop can be considered as a high price clothing) and then now you want to do cosmetics as well? Just like Marc Jacobs and many more. But now, my perception has changed a little bit. Although I cannot afford to purchase their clothing, I can now buy their makeup line instead. :)

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This particular MARBLE color is so gorgeous to begin with! It has a rosey gold tone which I really adore. I love rose gold so much! It is one of the reason why I did not get the gold colored ones. Apart from the lovely color, this eye crayon pencil is quite creamy and it stays put nearly all day long! (Or I should say, it lasts until my working time ends, 5:30PM) The only thing that I am not a fan of is that it is hard to blend. I mean, once I put it there, it’ll stay there. It is not as creamy as the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil but it works similar to it. You can still use it as an eye shadow base and it will work just fine. Just that mine is quite hard to blend. :)

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As you can see from the picture above, even after a quite hard rub, I can still see that strikes of color, as it does not blend that easily. So, if you wanted to use this as a base,I suggest you to just creamed it up a bit or warm it before you use it. It’ll make a GREAT eye shadow base I tell you! As it stays put all day long! :)

4 stars

I give it a FOUR star rating because of it’s quite hard to blend. But other thing are just perfect to me. For my skin tone, this makes such a great under eye highlight, inner corner highlight and waterline coloring as this color will pop out your eyes like nobody business! Instead of gold which is quite hard looking on my skin, this is more towards the nearly having nothing underneath my eyes. Just a glitch of shimmer onto it.


It has a creamy but very hard to blend kind of texture. Has a slight shimmer to it but not over powering. The color is more towards ROSE GOLD color but once blended, it’ll be more like a champagne color.


TopShop Outlet (I purchased mine at One Utama)



TopShop is having a 20% discount if you purchase 2 items. While time lasts!

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