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BOTD–Urban Decay Vice2 Palette

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Yes! The palette that I have been waiting for! Finally I got my hands on these Limited Edition Urban Decay Vice2 palette! It was out of stock at first. I tried to get it at Sephora in KLCC but it was out of stock and then I called Sephora Paradigm Mall and was also disappointed by them. I was so lucky that Sephora is opening another new branch on last Saturday at Sunway Pyramid and a friend of mine which is Erieqa (check her Sephora Haul video HERE) whatsapp me and said that they have some Vice 2 palette and I was so happy! Bought my boyfriend to Sunway pyramid and got my palette that day!

*happy girl!*

So let’s talk about this palette a little bit more in depth. It has 20 eye shadows in it. 20 NEW eye shadow colors in it. Yes. You read it right. New colors. Not available at any of the previous Urban Decay eye shadow collections, EVER. Well, as for now. Haha. Each eyeshadow weigh 0.03oz / 0.60oz for 20 of them! Such a bargain (what the hell are you thinking, Anfaal?? BARGAIN?) right? It has 3 matte eye shadows and the rest are either shimmery or satiny finished. But when I look at the palette quite carefully, it has 3 nearly black eye shadows. Wonder why.

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It combines some dark colors, weird combo colors and some out of this world colors. Not to forget the bottom row are the everyday eye shadow wear type of colors. I personally in love with the third row colors which you’ll be blown by when you see the swatches. I promise you, it may look unpromising in the palette but once you swatch it, you will see the true color!

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This palette also comes with a double ended brush which also similar to the one in NAKED2 palette (I will put down the naked2 palette brush soon) only that in this palette, the brushes are quite fluffier. I mean, the eye shadow basic brush is a little bit fluffier than NAKED2 palette. The brush are also very well made and I believe that if it’s being on sale, it would probably cost some money as well.

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So let’s go to the first row of the shadow swatches.

Smokeout : Smokeout is a black shimmering eye shadow with a brownish undertone in it. It is a dark eye shadow and very beautiful for smokey look.

Lovesick : I don’t really know why this color does not look promising enough to be in this palette. It’s just a matte black eye shadow with silver sparkles in it. It is very sheer and very hard to build without primers on.

Shellshock : This GORGROUS silver color is basically silver. It looks quite frosty in this picture but I LOVE this color to be applied on the inner bottom corner of my lashes to open up my eyes. The texture is almost buttery and very creamy as well! LOVE this sick color!

Coax : This is a metallic pink color with gold iridescent specks in it. Although in the swatch above the gold specks is unseen, when you take a look very closely inside the palette, you’ll see gold!

X-Rated : A satiny pink cool pink color. The color payoff for this eye shadow is crazy! Being a very light pink color, the texture of the shadow is not powdery at all. I am impressed!

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Prank : This is a very gorgeous matte dark navy blue color with green / turquoise specks of glitters in it. This is one of the most pigmented color in this palette. One very light swatch give me this color payoff!

Madness : It can be considered as a very frosty metallic blue color. I have not had this blue eye  shadow shade just yet. Can’t wait to play it around with the other color that matches!

Strike : This gold color can be quite antique looking. It has a tiny teeny bit of silver micro specks in it. It is one of those gold color where you can see inside the antique furniture store.

Stash : This is one deep olive green color. It has a little bit of gold specks of glitters in it. Very beautiful very yummy color!

Poison : This is another blackish color inside this palette. It looks like a bit of like a charcoal with a hint of green and gold specks in it.

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These are my favorite row of colors inside this palette. Can you see how gorgeous these colors are?

Radar : This brownish with gold specks of glitter is the bomb! One of the most pigmented color inside this palette as well. Very creamy and very very nice color on the lid!

Damaged : Out of this world color! I never had such fancy for a green eye shadow color at all until I saw this. Damaged is a very dark cool tone green with a hint of brown undertone in it. I can see that this color is a perfect match with Radar.

Voodoo : Just like the name, it did shocked me to see this color once swatched! It is a very cool tone purple with a hint of micro silver specks in it. Very very very beautiful satiny finish as well!

Betrayal : This color is pretty similar to Fishnet (one of my many favorite Urban Decay eye shadow!) but the only differences is this one is quite pigmented but a bit sheer compared to Fishnet. It is such a lovely lilac color with a hint of silver undertones in it.

Derailed : Nice taupe color! That’s all I can say! This cool undertone taupe color with a metallic satiny finish to it.

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Yeap! Some of the neutral colors inside this palette. Not boring at all eh? These are some gorgeous colors for everyday wear!

Dope : This is the highlighter color inside this palette. It is a champagne color with some light pink undertones. Very creamy and very very beautiful color. But I still prefer Sin as my perfect highlighter of all.

Toxic : Pretty rosey gold eye shadow with a micro specks of gold glitters in it that is just simply lovely and pigmented. I doubt it that this eye shadow will not be showing on my lids but they DID! Love this tone as well!

Habit : Another matte eye shadow in this palette. This eye shadow usually is for the transaction eyeshadow. Kind of chalky looking but quite creamy as well. It has like a very very light almost like a skin tone color.

Ambush : GORGEOUS copper color! Very pigmented and super creamy! It does have a micro gold specs in it as well and also reddish undertone too.

Rewind : A very creamy matte eye shadow in the shade of light cocoa to taupe color. Very pigmented, very pretty for those who wanted a just a hint of an eye shadow on the lids.

So those are the swatches of colors inside this palette. I am not sure if you can still purchase it at Sephora now since I believe that it is out of stock for some moment. But, you can always check with Sephora near you or call the branches out before you go to avoid disappointment.

5 stars

Overall, I have to give this palette a 5 stars as I really do think that is is worth the money.

Do check out at SEPHORA near you.

This palette costs RM200.

Thank you for reading.

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