Friday, October 11, 2013

CC Cream Color Correct!

Have you ever heard about CC cream before? CC Cream stand for Color Control or Color Correct creams. It is pretty new for me to have CC creams tested as I do not own one just yet. I am still at the stage of trying loads of other types of BB Creams. I don’t even finished testing some Korean BB creams and now I am eager to test out CC creams as well! :)

Well, which type of CC creams that I would love to test out? First of all I have to know my skin condition.

Type of skin Combination Oily and Dry skin
Complextion Fair but slightly tanned (Asian skin)
Skin Allergies Not yet so far
Skin problems Uneven complexion, dark eye circle (not actually caused from skin but still obvious), dry patches on underneath of the eyes, tiny acne


Picture above is my no makeup (except for eyeliner and mascara) and if you can notice, I do have a little uneven skin tone. This is due from the sickness Tinea Versicolor that I have during I was young. Some do leave marks and makes my skin quite uneven. Some are just from acne scars. Yes, I do popped my acne sometimes I just cant help it! :P

After reading the blog entry by hishop, I can say that if were given a chance to test out CC Creams, the best and perfect match for me is the Color Correct ones. Based on the picture on hilife’s blog, I can see that the Color Correct cream are much much suitable for me than Color Control.


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I love that CC creams has more benefits than BB Creams. I am loving my BB Creams at the moment and I know that I am going to like CC Creams too! I can’t wait to get my hands on the CC cream that is suitable for me!

IMG_5918 edit


Do you know which CC cream suits you? :)

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