Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hello friends! Well, I am in the middle of changing my laptop hard disk from 500gb to 1tb! YAY! So, I might not be blogging for one day tomorrow as I wont be exporting my pictures and videos until the hard disk is being installed and a new window is being installed as well. As you know,when you reformat your laptop/PC, the windows will be needed to download so many new updates and that is killing me! But after maybe one day, it’ll go back to normal stage.

Supposedly, the 1tb hard disk to be installed today. But silly me, I did not take my Windows CD with me, so I just have to deal with it at the moment. And some more, my dad does not have the small screwdrivers to open up the bottom panel of my laptop, I have to borrow Irfan’s screwdriver tomorrow!

Can’t wait to have a HUGE storage soon! I can store more pictures and videos and all! To all bloggers,vloggers,photographers, I suggest you do backup of your important stuffs inside your laptop/PC once in a while. I did backup all of my stuffs like once every 2 weeks. Well, I just can’t live without my pictures and videos and working related materials. Need to have it. So, do buy one external hard disk and do your own backup. I did my whole computer backup so now I have one mirror backup! haha. Well, it’s simple. All you need is just an external hard disk that is larger than your hard drive capacity, you import everything from your hard drive to your ex hdd. And then, each week or even each month, you just update the backup. Easy & simple and convenient. All you need is to donate some money on the ex hdd. Well, 1tb of Buffalo ex hdd costs nearly RM450! Well, just buy the 2.5” hdd (for laptop) and an enclosure (costs from RM19 – RM99, depending on the brands and quality) and you’ll get cheaper version of your ex hdd!

Happy backup-ing and happy Tuesday people!



P/S : I just got to know that my laptop can add in SIM card, just like the tablet! But I have to purchase some extra thing. Well, well, well, I have some ideas already! HAHA :P

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